Katie Belle On The Music Industry, Live Performances, And Her Standout New Song

The Georgia-based artist’s track “Now That I Know” is the newest addition to breakup playlists everywhere.


American pop up-and-comer Katie Belle is more than just an American Idol alum. Having been launched into the public eye by the classic competition show, Katie has since carved out her space in the industry as an artist firmly in control of her career, with the standout tracks, modeling expertise, and dance know-how to prove it.

To quote Drake, and one of Katie’s consistently conversational Instagram captions, her art falls “somewhere between psychotic and iconic.” We spoke with her about new music, new inspirations, and her role as an artist in an ever-changing industry.

Your newest song, “Now That I Know,” is out now. How did the track come together, and what do you hope fans get from listening to it?

I unfortunately wasn’t a writer on the track but the lyrics were inspired by a breakup. Kind of that moment where you’re just so fed up and over it that you realize breaking up or moving on was definitely the right choice. I hope anyone listening that might be going through a breakup or an uncertain time in a relationship finds peace when they hear this. Peace in being strong and getting yourself out of a shitty situation, because you simply deserve so much better.

What first inspired you to become a musician, and what was it like entering the music industry as a young female artist?

I always say music kind of chose me. It came to me at a super young age where I wasn’t even old enough to comprehend looking for a passion or career. But the second it fell in my lap I knew it was meant to be. I started in school plays and church, then got scouted at a talent competition when I was 10 and the rest is basically history.

Do you have any specific musical inspirations that you bring to your music? Which songs or artists have been particularly inspiring to you lately?

My music is really just inspired by my life and how I’m feeling. Every day is different, every month is different, every year is different. I would definitely be considered an emotional person and I feel a lot, so I always use that as my guide to creativity. As far as finding inspiration from other artists and music, I love the 70’s. Classic rock, 2000s pop, country, 50’s r&b, soul. Stevie Nicks, Taylor Swift, Neil Young, Etta James to Dua Lipa. I truly love it all and it all plays a hand in my sound and me as an artist.

Have your thoughts about the music industry changed at all since you first started making music?

This is an awesome question. My thoughts on the music industry change every day. It’s a constant learning experience!

While a contestant on American Idol, you were able to interact with music industry names like Katy Perry and Luke Bryan. Does praise from other artists help you feel more confident about your own artistry, or do they just confirm what you already believed about yourself?

It was more confirmation for me. I didn’t need the validation but they also didn’t have to give it, so it was still a very admirable little pat on the back. We all like to hear we’re doing a good job every once in a while, especially from the people we admire.

In addition to your music, you have also received praise for your dancing and modeling skills. How do each of these artistic mediums interact within your overall career? 
Absolutely! I think it’s fun to be involved in other branches of the industry because they all end up coming together anyway. Dancing helps with stage presence, modeling helps with knowing my angles for photoshoot and cover art, acting helps with music videos. It really does all go together. If you do one thing, you usually will end up doing other things too anyway so might as well learn to get good at it all!

You have also been notably recognized for your stage presence. What is it like adapting your music to a live audience?
It’s one of my favorite parts of the process!!! I love taking the music to the stage. Singing it live, putting on a little show, being there with other people who are having just as much fun as me. It’s magical.


What can you tell us about your plans for the rest of 2022? Is there any new music on the horizon?

Lots of music coming out and lots of live shows!!! Finally getting back in the groove since COVID-19 and I couldn't be more excited about it. Keep up with me and all my adventures on my Instagram, because I might be coming to your city soon.

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