Kanye West Steps Out In Full Face Synthetic Mask

The controversial rapper takes his experimental style to a whole new level.


The artist formerly known as Kanye West has been photographed wearing a series of full face-covering synthetic masks in Venice, Berlin, and New York this week. The enigmatic rapper donned the unusual get up involving an unnerving “Caucasian mask” not only while performing but on the streets- including during what must have been a memorable cab ride at JFK airport.

Paparazzi- evading disguise or the latest accessory? We can never tell with Ye, whose change in name has not altered his love of pushing the envelope. A bona fide designer, he has previously collaborated with fashion powerhouses with Nike, Marc Jacobs and Adidas as well as releasing his iconic Yeezy collections.  Indisputably a trend setter, perhaps Ye is sowing the seeds for a line of Yeezy face masks. Or maybe he’s just getting in early for Halloween.