The Best Basketball Shoes of 2021

A detailed list of the very best shoes.


Basketball’s the 3rd most popular sport in America, with millions of people following, watching, and playing it around the country. Are you one of them? Well, like most basketball fans and aficionados, you’ll want to wear a pair of shoes on the court that’ll help you jump higher, run faster, and shoot more accurately!

The tricky part’s picking the best basketball shoes possible for the job. With countless options out there (and more hitting the shelves all the time), separating the wheat from the chaff can be a challenge. Know the struggle and want some help with the task?

You’re in the right place. We’ve compiled a detailed list of the very best shoes for basketball that were released this year. Check them out to become an unstoppable force on the court today.

Adidas T-Mac Shoes

No list of the best basketball shoes for 2021 would be complete without the Adidas T-Mac line. This classic shoe (named after Tracy McGrady) was first released back in 2002, but you can now find a number of different T Mac basketball shoes online or in-store, each with unique colorways and styles. Want the best of the best?

Check out the Adidas T Mac 2 Restomod.

The aesthetics are on-point, with retro vibes that hail back to the original pair released in the early noughties. As for functionality, expect supreme comfort (after an initial break-in period) and superb grip on-court. The materials are light and breathable too, although they lack the premium quality found on the originals.

Puma Clyde All-Pro

Many people expected very little from the Puma Clyde All-Pros when they first hit the shelves last year. But they ended up being pleasantly surprised! These basketball shoes are top-class and are comparable (in terms of quality) to the likes of Nike Kobe 9s (that’s high praise indeed).

The traction is faultless, with complete coverage underfoot that lends itself to swift directional changes and speed. Cushioning is second-to-none as well, thanks to their new ProFroam+ formula in the midsole. Expect the materials to feel stiff out of the box, but they’ll feel great as soon as you break them in.

Nike KD 14

Looking for a great all-around basketball shoe that combines first-rate cushioning with traction and support? You’ll love the Nike KD 14s. The material quality could use some work, but their overall look, feel and performance is hard to fault!

Be careful when buying them online though. They run a little small so the fit can be tricky to get right. We recommend trying them on in-store first, or buying a pair that’s a size up from what you’d usually wear if that isn’t possible.

Under Armour Embiid 1

If cost is a factor, then the wallet-friendly UA Embiid 1 sports shoes for basketball could be for you. Sure, they may lack some of the quality found elsewhere on this list. Yet they’re still a high-quality, versatile option that anyone (regardless of your position in the team) can wear to good effect.

They look fantastic and, more importantly, you can expect a solid performance that exceeds expectations given the moderate price-point! You’ll enjoy reasonable cushioning and grip underfoot on both indoor and outdoor courts.

Although nothing too serious, the primary downside of the Embiid 1s is the mesh material they’re made from. It’s somewhat “standard” and lacks the premium touches you might expect from a signature shoe.

Nike Kyrie 6

On the subject of affordability, the Nike Kyrie 6 basketball shoes will be perfect for anybody on an even tighter budget. Despite the reasonable price tag, everything from the traction (no need to wipe your soles here!) and cushioning (thanks to Nike’s Zoom Turbo) is an upgrade on the previous Kyrie 5 version.

They’ll feel comfortable, springy, and grippy straight out of the box, with smooth transitions from heel to toe. Sure, some people may appreciate a bit more cushioning underneath, but you’ll still get through a long game with ease! The materials are durable and surprisingly high-quality to boot.

Air Jordan 35

An iconic name in the world of basketball shoes, we’d feel remiss not to include at least one Air Jordan pair in this post! Comparable in many ways to the Air Jordan 34 (which were fantastic in their own right), the Air Jordan 35 takes it up another level in both quality and performance.

The only downside is that they’re not suitable for outdoor use. You can try, but the thin soles mean they’ll wear down fast! Stick to indoor courts if you’d prefer to get your money’s worth.

Indoors, traction is amazing, with so-called “herringbone grooves” that facilitate footwork. As for comfort and cushioning, you’ll appreciate the Zoom technology in both the heel and forefoot areas. Oh, and the materials and overall aesthetics are world-class too, meaning you can wear them off-court as well as on it.

AND1 Attack 2.0

The original AND1 Attack basketball shoes weren’t bad. But this 2.0 version offers a whole new level of performance!

The first-rate tooling on the underside’s the same as before, with aggressive traction that helps you maneuver around the court. However, this premium model delivers an impressive degree of cushioning underfoot that many people thought the Attack 1 lacked. You’ll also enjoy a high degree of court feel in combination with a reasonable level of impact protection.

Oh, and you can also use them both indoors and outdoors. Not bad for basketball shoes that cost far less than others on this list.

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Countless people around America love nothing more than lacing up their basketball shoes and hitting the court to play some ball. The difficulty comes when one pair wears out and it’s time to buy a fresh set! With so many different shoes on the shelves nowadays, it can feel impossible to choose one over another.

With any luck, though, the suggestions in this article will help you decide. Hungry for more information on this topic and others like it? Browse the “Sneakers” section of the website now.