Here's Your Guide To Kamala's Views

Your cheat sheet to her standpoints on the world's most urgent problems.


The whole world knows it already: Kamala Harris is making history. As the first-ever woman and a woman of color in the White House, she promised she won’t be the last. But what views does this feminist icon represent? We’re breaking Kamala’s standpoints on America’s and world’s five most burning issues.

Climate change

Alongside Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Kamala Harris takes numerous initiatives against climate change. They support the Green New Deal, a proposal to address the climate crisis in America. They also introduced legislation to establish the Office of Climate and Environmental Justice Accountability and the Climate Equity Act. At Wednesday event with Joe Biden, she promised “a clean energy revolution.”


She supports banning assault rifles, instituting universal background check and comprehensive gun safety laws. She’s a gun owner herself though but recognizes the lack of gun safety as a problem in the USA.

Health system
Harris stands for a government-run health care system that would admit the competition of private insurers. She also wants to protect and expand The Affordable Care Act. On the other hand, she criticizes big pharma industry. Lastly, Kamala is pro-choice and she proposes to impose an additional control on states with a history of violating Roe v. Wade before they introduce any abortion law.

Law system
The vice-president-elect advocates for reformation of the criminal justice system, including the legalization of marijuana, termination of cash bail systems, elimination of the death penalty and police reform. However, as a district attorney and state attorney general in California in 2014, she supported the death penalty. She also refused to investigate shootings that involved officers and to support the new regulations of police body cameras. 

Lastly, the ex-senator advocates for $15 as a federal minimum wage. She also promises to end the gender pay gap, provide an access to paid family and medical leave as well as affordable childcare. 

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