Jade Leanne Reclaims Her Body

It doesn't belong to anyone.


This song will satisfy all fans of laid-back and chill yet sultry and seductive R&B. It will also be an empowering anthem for everyone who loves their body or at least wishes to achieve this state of mind. With a little help of Jade Leanne and her fresh single, 'My Body', it may become more possible than you think. 

The East London-based artist, raised in a musical family and inspired by Beyonce and Mariah Carey (if you listen to the single, you will definitely hear these influences) has decided to express her physical liberation through her newest track. Curiously enough, though her song 'My Body' proves that empowerment is not always loud and screaming but sometimes, it can sound sweet and soft, yet still strong and convincing.

'It's about taking my power back,' Jade Leanne elaborates on the influences behind her single. 'My body does not belong to anybody - no ex or ex-situation. This is my body and I choose who has access and best believe they've got to be worthy.' What a great example to follow. We're definitely there with Jade.

Love your body, own your body, do whatever you want with it but most definitely listen to Jade Leanne's new single.

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