Best Super Bowl Outfits From Celebrities

That make the event even more special.


Yes, it is that time of the year when all the big celebrity names from all around the world come together to witness the two best teams in the NFL compete with each other.

Over the years, the Super Bowl has grown its audience by making the event more suitable for non-football fans. For bettors, it’s a great opportunity worldwide, as you can read here:

Besides, the second most important thing in a Super Bowl, apart from the exceptional talent on the field is the halftime show, which in the past couple of years has included some big celebrity names.

So, alongside football, people got a free live concert from music stars like Beyonce, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, The Weeknd. This year we got Eminem, Dr.Dre, Snoop Dog, Kendrick Lamar, and Mary J. Blige on one stage.

With an average audience of more than 115 million viewers, obviously, the Super Bowl is a big deal which gives us an idea to reflect on some of the best Super Bowl outfits worn by celebrities that make the event even more special.

Janet Jackson (Super Bowl 2004)

The first place is reserved for Janet Jackson, for obvious reasons. Janet Jackson performed live with Justin Timberlake on the 2004 Super Bowl, which quickly became the most shared news at that time after a wardrobe malfunction that occurred live on stage.

To sum up, Janet and her stylist come up with a costumed stunt that was supposed to reveal a red bustier, not her upper torso. Justin only learned about this on the day of the event which made it impossible to rehearse.

If we take away the wardrobe malfunction, she looked incredible with the black outfit, and it would have been even better if she transformed into a red outfit in a blink of an eye.

Beyonce and Bruno Mars (Super Bowl 2016)

Queen B must be included in the list of top celebrity outfits, especially after a spectacular performance on the Super Bowl half-time show in 2016. Even though Coldplay was the headliner of the year, Beyonce and Bruno Mars stole the show with their incredible black and gold matching outfit performance.

Most of the people on stage wore black leather outfits with some gold sparkling things as accessories, and after a dance-off by the two performers, the crowd went crazy.

Madonna (Super Bowl 2012)

Since we are talking about the Queen of Pop it is very easy to see the resemblance in her outfit. The half-time show of Madonna was themed to a pharaoh and old-Egypt-style outfits. Madonna came on stage with black gloves and boots, followed by a gold ancient skirt, and an impressive crown that suits the queen of pop.

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira (Super Bowl 2020)

Most people at that time had trouble with the performance of the two Latinas on stage just because it was not really suited for the younger audience. Both singers came on stage in outfits that showed a lot of skin, and the event also included pole dancing and a lot of touching.

However, now when going back we can appreciate their outfits, especially the one worn by Jennifer Lopez which was incredible. It was like she was naked, with few perfectly placed jewels that only cover her private parts.

Yes, the show might have missed the age regulation, but we can appreciate their exceptional performance.

Lady Gaga (Super Bowl 2017)

It is hard to make a fashion list and not include the queen of fashion, Lady Gaga. The current star of the House of Gucci, is also known for her original appearances at live concerts, and Gaga didn’t disappoint with her Super Bowl performance.

Apart from the acrobatic flying on cables and a lot of stage magic, Gaga changed multiple outfits from jewel-encrusted bodysuit with matching boots by Atelier Versace, to jackets that looked like they came from the treasures of the Pirates of the Caribbean with more jewels and gold.

It seems like this jewel-infused magic worked for Gaga, and she included such elements into her makeup. It was one of the most iconic Super Bowl performances ever.