New Obsession Pending...Jacquemus Obsessions Is Here

Giant toasters are popping-off, literally.


Well, Simon Porte Jacquemus knew what he was doing with his latest immersive experience because we are obsessed with ‘Jacquemus Obsessions.’ A visual playpark of Jacquemus exclusive products can be found from now at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, Paris. The installation will last for the full month of March, so plenty of time to get your ass down to the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann.  



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We are fangirling over the oversized commodities and everyday objects that showcase the luxurious Jacquemus products. The installation features 16 window displays, three boutiques and even a coffee and flower shop (oh so Parisian). The whole display embodies the playful spirit of the Jacquemus brand, which puts a smile on our faces.  



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Even if you are not a Jacquemus superfan, why not tick ‘seeing a giant toaster’ off that bucket list? Or pick up a bouquet of flowers (Miley Cyrus style) to roam around the streets of Paris holding. It will definitely be a fun and unique afternoon if you find yourself in the city of Paris. Profitez! 

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