Miley Cyrus Is Buying HERSELF Flowers

And we are beyond inspired.

For anyone who doesn't know, Miley Cyrus is back with her new single 'Flowers.' The song is about self-love in the aftermath of a relationship breakdown and how you can be whole while being alone. In the new year, the concept of taking yourself dancing and holding your own hand is an empowering idea, and who better to spearhead this than the queen of reinvention. Releasing the track on her ex-husband's birthday adds just the right amount of petty to the strong, independent energy of the silky-smooth vocals of the track.

Alongside the track released was the music video, which features only Miley. Starting in a gold lamée co-ord with black sunglasses, we see Miley sombrely walking in the midday sun. She then picks up speed as she walks up a hill, tying her hair up and dancing as she goes. Then on her lawn, under the sparkle of the sprinklers, she gets undressed into her black, lace underwear and jumps into the pool. Cue the poolside shots. Miley looks unreal; she is glowing with her tattoos all on show. Then she works out; kegels, leg lifts, and squats, all promoting self-care while being subliminally sexual (and looking unreal doing it.) Next up, we have a cheeky (literally) shower scene which leads to the final look of the music video; a blazer suit with no top and no bra—showing off her gorgeous body in a masculine way, showing that she truly is the only person that she needs.

A song reminding people that you are enough all by yourself is such an empowering principle, and it's been done with iconic looks and the same signature, powerhouse vocals that we expect from a superstar like Miley Cyrus. 'Flowers' is streamable everywhere now, and the music video is waiting for you on YouTube. 

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