Have You Smiled Today? SMILEY x New Era Collab

Smiley and New Era Release Part 2 of their Collection, Empowering You to Smile.


Kill them with kindness, and start with a smile. SMILEY's iconic "Mr. A," will get a new twist with New Era in their upcoming collection, celebrating its 50-year anniversary.  All those years of doodling the smiley faces all over our notebooks have made it impossible to forget such a staple. To celebrate, SMILEY has been slowly releasing collaborations throughout the year with brands that fit the mission. New Era has been in the game since 1928 designing the highest quality headwear and now the two will cement themselves in a brighter future together. SMILEY is a counterculture brand, symbolizing unity in chaos, invoking movements from peace signs held high in the sky, leather-clad punk rock protests, and now will find its place here, wherever we are.

Whatever definition we will give this era of time in the years to come, when hindsight is our greatest asset, we know part of the picture was a mass call to action. This collection calls out to that with a new print of two “Smiley’s” coming together, melting together, becoming one, and also includes reworks of the 59FIFTY silhouette, trucker hats, hoodies, and joggers. The Smiley Movement, a nonprofit founded in 2017, has a new goal this year entitled: “Take the Time to Smile.” These hazier iterations of the classic face give pause and allow you to do just that in admiration of the eye-catching designs and poppy colors. New Era works with artists, sports teams, musicians, and other fashion lines; constantly reinventing itself. SMILEY’s meaning bends to the signs of the time but will stop for now in the New Era. You can find the new collection here


Next up: Bottega Veneta Collab