Bottega Veneta Is Designing A Fabulous Tote Bag With New York City’s Hottest Bookstore: The Strand

Bottega Veneta will be bringing books to bags with its latest campaign.


From the people who bought us “18 miles of books,” we will now be able to walk for miles, carrying said books neatly in our tote bags, thanks to the genius marketing of two very special brands. Bottega Veneta is offering consumers a New York City picture show with its latest tote bag by showcasing one of New York City’s most infamous landmarks. The Strand is one of the most storied independent bookstores in NYC, making it a popular destination for book lovers everywhere, including Bottega Veneta’s Matthieu Blazy. This collection is a labor of his love, featuring three bags with books selected by Blazy himself in order to convey his love for the store.  

I didn’t want to fall in love with another tote bag, but OMG it’s The Strand, the place you go to buy books and book merchandise when you want to let people know that you read books in the coolest way possible. 

As part of the promotion for the collection, The New Yorker will be on site to commemorate the work of both the bookstore and fashion label. Like all of the best things in life, this bag is functional and practical, and, above all else, stylish. The leather handbags will be intricately woven to have The Strand logo in the center of it, coming in either black, yellow, or intrecciato, with prices ranging into the thousands for this highly-coveted new look. 

Avid readers everywhere will now have a hot new tote bag to carry their books around in, bringing fashion to self-proclaimed book nerds. People will be able to view the collection at The Strand in the East Village as well as at the brand’s SoHo fashion house. The bags will also be made available online on September 15th.


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