A’wa is Changing London’s Specialty Coffee Scene

The brand has been popping up all over the city, alongside some of the most coveted locations and boutiques.


Launched by Sere Zhang earlier this March, A’wa Coffee is one of London’s first homegrown single-origin Yunnan coffee brands, and it’s slowly taking over Instagram feeds. 



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Named after the A’wa Mountain in Yunnan, China, the coffee’s packed into Japanese standard drip bags in stylish, minimalist packaging. And with such a visionary brand ethos, A’wa Coffee hasn’t just been a coffee brand. Since its conception, it’s also been a contributor to concept spaces and creative events in London, including Zerui Gallery and a popup on Portobello Road. 

Last week, A’wa Coffee collaborated with vintage fashion boutiques La Nausée and Baraboux at an East London studio, serving customers fresh drip coffee at its very own curated catering installation. 

The space design for the pop-up was curated by Omotunwase Osinaike -who is also the brand’s designated co-curator, featuring custom-made wooden frames and fabrics as well as over 400 vintage and designer pieces.



“Ultimately,  A’wa is an experience-based brand,” says Zhang “we’re hoping to host holistic experiences and explore wholesale relationships with a diverse range of collaborators and businesses in the near future.” 

With a flair for bespoke events and artistic collaborations, A’wa Coffee is definitely taking London’s coffee scene by storm, one drip bag at a time.



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