In Conversation with Lilita: Honoring The Human Experience, Music and Self Exploration

The emerging London-based musician talks with FIZZY behind the scenes of her recent performance at The Waiting Room


Lilita has an ethereal presence. On stage, her wrists gracefully circle her crystal singing bowls; eyes closed as she lulls the crowd with sweet, siren-like melodic mantras. She opened her final performance of 2022 in the iconic Waiting Room London with sound healing affirmations, moving the audience from a place of imbalance to perfect stillness. 

Lilita’s music is therapy. “These past few months have been a journey of refining, self-exploration, and surrendering. The music I’ve been making reflects all of this, and I want to share it with you all,” writes Lilita in an Instagram post promoting her recent performance. The East London-based songstress is loved for her refined lyricism and breathy, enchanting vocals. Despite having just released her new EP, In-Between Worlds, featuring a dreamy, utopic 5-song portrait earlier this year, she promises new music in the coming months, some of which she performed last night. 

An hour before doors open, I sit with her backstage as she gets ready. We delve into the world of Lilita, her music, and her incredible journey as one of London’s emerging talents.

Hi Lilita! First, how are you feeling?

I feel intrigued to see who arrives, all the friends, new and old. I’m also really excited to play my new material and perform tonight.

Who is Lilita? 

Lilita is a name that I was given, one that has multiple meanings -protector of the goddess, little lily, and it’s a version of myself that I’ve stepped into. It’s the part of me which gets to express vulnerability and how she’s feeling at all times without any limitations. So it’s an alter ego, but it’s also a stripped-back version of me at the same time!

You’re performing your last London show of the year tonight. So what do you have in store for everybody?

I’m gonna be performing my EP, which was released last year, called In-Between Worlds. It was so important that I released that as it represents an era of my life where I was stepping into my power and realizing I could turn my most vulnerable moments into strength. But, most importantly, it’s the first EP I’ve ever released where I felt like it was my true sound.

I’m also going to be performing a good few new tracks, which I’m so excited about, they’re a more developed sound, and I’m also going to be doing some collaborations with some friends who are artists tonight. So there’ll be some super intense, meaningful tracks, and I’m gassed to share the stage with them.

What’s the best part about performing for you?

Performing live is one of the few moments I can be fully present; there’s nothing else. Nothing is going on in my mind -it’s just presence. I don’t get these moments very often because I have such an active mind, but when I’m performing, it’s like, “this moment is all there is.” I’m just submerged in the energy of the room and the music. That’s my favorite part.

You definitely put your audience in that same frequency and energy. So, finally, what do you hope for in 2023?

I hope to get all my new music out, videos, artwork, more performances, and collaborations. And really just to excel. 

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