How Famous Serial Killers Really Got Caught

We bet you didn’t know this.


Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who has a weird obsession with true crime. These days true crime stories are all the rage; you can listen to podcasts, documentaries, yet we all still want to know more. Well, we have got you sorted. Here are some of the most bizarre ways that famous serial killers got caught.

One of the most famous serial killers even to this day is Ted Bundy. Many films and documentaries have been made since his arrest, he’s infamous within pop culture even now. Bundy escaped prison numerous times and most believed he would never be truly caught. However, Bundy ended up being caught driving a stolen car in Florida – the most alarming fact of this tale is that the officer didn’t initially recognize who he was. 


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Those who were fans of the hit show ‘Mindhunter’ (or any true crime buffs) will recognize the name Son of Sam. It’s easy to remember his crimes, but how did he get arrested? Well, David Berkowitz (yup, his real name) was arrested for a parking ticket. Not so exciting at all. This arrest was because a woman named Cacilia Davis noticed Berkowitz acting strange and called his illegal parking into the police. Talk about gut instincts. 

Another odd arrest was the arrest of BTK. BTK, formally known as Dennis Raid, was notorious for binding, torturing and killing his victims. A whopping twenty years after the murders Raid left a box of documents that detailed the case outside a Home Depot store. The police used a floppy disc to track him down and eventually find his location, the ultimate self-sabotage. 

Ed Kemper, another Mindhunter regular, took self-sabotage to a new level. Kemper was dubbed the Coed Killer by the press as he murdered 10 people, plus his mother and grandparents. His arrest was due to the fact he called the police and turned himself in. Yes, you read that correctly – he told the police himself. This was so unbelievable that they initially thought the call was a prank.


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Though all these killers committed despicable acts, they ended up slipping and getting caught in very mundane ways. Makes you wonder if they wanted to be caught in the end – well, we know some did. 


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