Paris Hilton Finds Herself

New YouTube documentary shows a side to Paris Hilton that we’ve never seen before.


Take everything you thought you knew about Paris Hilton and throw it in the trash. The 39-year-old has created, nearly a two-hour documentary, This Is Paris, about who she really is behind the scenes and the character she’s been playing for decades.  The character of the ‘dumb blonde’ was crafted down to every detail, even her voice was an act for the cameras. You might think acting ‘dumb’ on purpose sounds, well… dumb, but Hilton’s current net worth is around $300 million. 

The documentary shows the harsh reality of the Hollywood lifestyle. Some would say it shows the reality of reality TV. Fans are completely shocked at the real struggles Hilton has had to go through. No, we’re not talking about Paris and Nicole working on a dairy farm in The Simple Life. We’re talking about raw, gritty life events that change who you are. 

Yet above everything, she’s stayed in character. Some fans have even gone to social media expressing her need for an Oscar due to her being so convincing in her appearance of the perfect life. Regardless of who she was and who she is now if she’s on her way to finding inner peace and happiness, we stand by her. 

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