Rihanna: Volume 1, What You Need To Know

It’s worth $25 million for a start.


Rihanna’s been keeping fans on their toes this year, with the ever-elusive R9 and a much-anticipated documentary. Both are yet to have a release date, and whilst we wish we had more information on the former, here’s what we know about the latter. Hold tight.  

Rihanna: Volume 1 (the first in a series of Rihanna documentaries!?) is directed by Peter Berg and produced by his company, Film 45. Berg and Rihanna have previously worked together on the 2012 sci-fi film Battleship, that he directed, and she acted in. The film was, unfortunately, a cinematic flop, unlike Berg’s other action-packed flicks, Lone Survivor and Patriots Day, which he is perhaps best known for. Whilst big-budget movies are Berg’s forte, he’s no stranger to the documentary scene, having produced the sport-documentaries, Being Serena and On Freddie Roach. 



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Rihanna: Volume 1, just like the aforementioned titles, will give insight into the personal and professional life of the singer/businesswoman, in a manner that’s “both moving and inspirational.” Talking about his subject with Collider, Berg dotes, “She’s a remarkable woman, who every day seems to grow and branch out into new businesses and new endeavors at a rate that it’s almost hard to keep up with.” It’s for this reason, he states, that the documentary has been four years in the making.   

With that, and the fact the documentary has over 1200 hours of footage, as well as a $25 million sum over its head — we’re going to assume Rihanna: Volume 1 is worth waiting for. As for when you can expect to see it, Berg has revealed it will be available to watch on Amazon in the summer of next year, “sometime hopefully around the 4th of July.” it has to be said, Rihanna’s Navy deserve an award for their patience! 


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