Get Ready For Bed With Rihanna

Using these three Fenty Products…


Queen of everything Rihanna has just shared a video that walks us through her before bed skincare routine using the three new products from her new Fenty skin range. Dutifully, we have broken down the three key steps for you below, because who doesn’t want to get ready for bed with Rihanna?

STEP ONE: Cleanse! Using the 2-in-1 Remove It All cleanser that removes make-up as well as cleansing, which benefits from an easy-open cap. As Rihanna lathers a generous amount in the palms of her hands and massages into her face in a circular motion she tells us that her top tip for skin is hydration. ‘I implement fresh ingredients into the skin care line – the Barbados cherry is full of Vitamin-C, more than an orange, so just imagine what that is doing for your skin!’

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STEP TWO: Tone! – Use the Fat Water Pore-Refining Toner. Unique in its thickness this toner doesn’t go through your fingers, and as Rihanna applies it her face using her finger tips she tells us: ‘No cotton pad needed, no wasted product!’ This toner unlike some others, adds moisture to your skin instead of taking it away. It also refines and reduces pores. As Rhi Rhi says ‘What Pores?’

Shop the toner here for $28

STEP THREE: Moisturise! The Invisible Moisturizer cream from the fenty range is SPF 30 and is inspired by growing up in the Islands. Rihanna tells us she wanted the SPF to be ‘Inclusive of all skin tones and colours so it is made to be clear and not leave the white cast that some SPFs tend to leave on the skin.’ This SPF is also coral reef friendly, and like everything else in the Fenty Beauty range is vegan and eco-friendly.

Shop the Invisible Moisturizer here for $35

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