HoMie's Mission Towards A Better Planet

A more vivid insight into the HoMie x Champion partnership.


Champion and HoMie have proven to be a dream team in the streetwear game, collaborating on projects together that show no limit in creativity, but definitely a huge limit in environmental waste. 

Their recent collection was birthed from a circular production model of re-purposing stocks of clothing that were sentenced to waste, and giving them a second chance in rare and original form.

Marcus Crook, the co-founder of HoMie and its circular sub-label REBORN, has approached his collabs with Champion from a side of nobility, humanity, and love for our planet and his struggling community.



We spoke to Marcus to learn more about his brand's committed mission, and what the future holds for HoMie and Champion:

Marcus, what has it been like working with Champion

Champion has been an incredible partner to HoMie over the past five years. As a social enterprise, we're incredibly grateful to have established such a strong partnership with a global lifestyle sportswear brand. During our time together, we've created purpose-led collections across both HoMie and REBORN brands, saved hundreds of kilos of waste from landfills, and provided 800 hours of paid employment to young people affected by homelessness or hardship through our Pathway Alliance Program. It's just so massive for us to have a big brother-like figure to call on with 100+ years of experience in the industry. 

Do you believe this is the best collaboration you've done with them so far?

I love everything we've created with Champion. Still, this collection is definitely one of the most powerful as we've been able to bring in BETA By STH BNK's Future From Waste Lab as a third collaborator and utilize their workshop space to create the range. I actually had a hand in designing and re-configuring the materials at the Lab, so each garment holds a very special place in my heart. At HoMie, we're on a mission to continue to build great things that are better for our community, planet, and the industry with purpose at its core.



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What sparked the idea to make this eco and socially-conscious project happen?

The mission of our circular sub-brand REBORN is to drive radical rethinking of the retail fashion industry, encouraging circularity and sustainable innovation. Every second, one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or incinerated, with the fashion industry alone producing over 92 million tonnes of waste per year.

REBORN for us is a creative solution which gives clothing a second life, but also creates local design and manufacturing opportunities throughout the process. So far, REBORN has upcycled 830 kg of waste materials into 2,190 unique one-off garments to date. All the REBORN pieces are one-offs, and we hope that drives an emotional connection to the garments and prolongs the life cycle. 

In your opinion, why is the concept of this collab so important?

Collaboration is the answer to so many things. Sharing resources, ideas, and networks is the key to driving sustainable fashion production and innovation and encouraging consumers to make more mindful decisions. There's incredible power in numbers and I believe the collaboration will play a vital role in the future of fashion. We are a small brand with a small voice, but by partnering with brands like Champion, we hope to extend our reach and hope other brands may be listening. 

Can you describe this collection in 3 words?

Unique, resourceful, circular.



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Will there be more collaborations with Champion in the future?

Yes, we have an ongoing stream of faulty garments and returns that come our way, but we also have a major brand collab with HoMie and Champion mid-April next year! Watch this space…

The new Champion x HoMie collection is available now in HoMie's online store, so grab them while you still can!


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