5 Habits That Will Transform Your Morning Routine

How to kick-start your day for optimal success and productivity.


Whether you consider yourself an early bird or a night owl, there is no doubt that the morning is the most essential part of our day. It sets the precedent for our mood, attitude, and overall outlook as we embark on everyday life.  
As we rapidly approach the end of what’s been a tumultuous 18 months, there is no better time to shake up your wake-up routine. By implementing positive changes now, you will maximise your productivity levels come the new year and feel all sorts of motivated.  
While some of these habits can be added into your routine straight away, some of them may take a little while to be fully incorporated – but that’s okay. The key is to take one step at a time and make small changes that you can slowly build up into your daily life.  
So, if you’re wanting to avoid the manic-morning rush, set a positive tone for your day, and generally improve your mindset – here are our top morning habits that you need to adopt!

Wake Up Before Your Alarm

Allow yourself time before you actually “get up” to wake up in a mindful way. By prioritizing quality sleep, you’ll be able to wake up earlier, which will give you more time for yourself - before tackling the trials and tribulations of the day ahead.  
Try limiting your screen time an hour or so before you get into bed so you can fully unwind without any external influences. Not only will having a consistent night-time routine instill discipline, but it will also ensure that you are energized and refreshed for the following day.  

Practice Gratitude

Whether it be journaling, writing positive affirmations, or taking 10 minutes or so to meditate each morning – disconnecting from the world and thinking about what you are thankful for can do wonders for your mindset.  
Taking the time to evaluate and appreciate what you have each morning will eliminate any negativity and help keep things in perspective during times of adversity.  

Move Your Body

Even if it’s just a brisk walk, a stretch, or a short HIIT workout – getting some sort of exercise in during the morning is guaranteed to benefit you both physically and mentally
Not only does exercise release endorphins, which will reduce your cortisol and anxiety levels – staying in shape will boost your self-esteem, providing you with a newfound confidence and focus. It’s the go-to method for jump-starting your day the right way! So, whether you’re a gym bunny or a complete beginner, try breaking out a morning sweat, and your sense of accomplishment will soar.  
Plan Ahead

When factoring new habits into your life, preparation is key. To alleviate any stress, make sure you plan as much as possible the night before. Whether it be laying out your workout clothes or prepping a nutritious batch of meals for the week – do whatever you need to do so that your routine is as easy to stick to as possible.  
Come January, once the novelty of the “new year new me” approach wears off, motivation won’t be enough to sustain your newly built habits. By thinking ahead when it comes to your routine, you’ll develop consistency, which is key for changing your habits long-term.  
Live With Intention

Wake up every morning with intent. Whether it be visualizing your goals on a mood board or writing a daily to-do list – by focusing your mind on what you want to achieve, you will begin your day with clarity.   
Having a clear-head promotes positive thinking, whilst equipping you with a sense of purpose - ready to tackle anything that comes your way.  
So, next time you’re moaning about work, or complaining about the same-old tedious problems that life throws at us – take a step back. Try to ignore the little things and focus on the bigger picture – you got this.  

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