7 Tips to Keep Yourself Looking and Feeling Healthy Everyday

Ensure you operate at optimal performance.


You've felt it before. You're sitting at your desk, getting ready to get into the groove of work, when all of a sudden, you start feeling tired, sluggish, and unmotivated. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for this to happen after an unhealthy weekend filled with too much food, alcohol, and lack of sleep - but what can you do about it? This article will look at what you can do every day to ensure you operate at optimal performance and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Drink Enough Water 

Start your day with a big glass of water. Drinking at least two liters of water daily will help flush out toxins and keep you hydrated, the key to remaining alert and productive throughout the day. If drinking that much seems like too much effort for just one person, try splitting it into half-liter glasses so even if they don't drink all their H20 in one go, they can still progress towards it throughout the day!

Some drinks may seem hydrating but dehydrate our bodies - especially coffee and alcohol. Some studies have found caffeine to increase dehydration and fatigue levels due to its diuretic effect (research conducted on caffeine's effect on dehydration). Alcohol can also dehydrate the body, which is why some say it's advisable to drink one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you consume.

Exercise Daily 

Exercise doesn't have to last hours. A quick workout for at least 15 minutes is enough, especially if you find yourself tired after lunch or in the afternoon slump period! In addition, exercise boosts energy levels and helps us feel more alert, and helps our bodies function better - which means it's easier to be productive throughout the day. 

If exercising outside isn't an option due to bad weather conditions (e.g., windy days), then there are plenty of possibilities indoors, such as going for a run on a treadmill or lifting some weights in your room using free-weights (you can get these from any sporting store). If getting out of bed seems like too much effort, try doing some stretches while lying down instead!

Eat Healthy, Wholesome Foods

Eating whole, healthy foods is key to feeling good about yourself and having the energy you need throughout your day. Filling up on sugary snacks will make you feel tired eventually as sugar gives us an initial burst of energy, but it's short-lived, so we have to keep eating more which can lead to weight gain over time - not ideal!

If cutting out desserts altogether seems too difficult for you, then try indulging in one every few days instead of daily or weekly. Whole grains are great choices because they give longer-lasting energy than refined carbohydrates (like white rice). Ensuring a variety of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats at least once per day can help with alertness levels while being nutrient-rich also helps our bodies run smoothly.

Enjoy More Fresh Air 

Studies have shown that exposure to natural light can help us feel more alert and productive and improve our moods. This is because it stimulates the release of serotonin - a chemical that makes you happy! So if your current desk doesn't allow any fresh air or sunlight, why not switch places with someone who does so you can enjoy this benefit? If going outside isn't an option due to bad weather conditions (e.g., windy days), then popping open a window in your room will be just as effective!

Don't forget about breathing exercises either; these are great for clearing out toxins from the body while keeping the mind and body healthy. Try doing some deep breaths by placing one hand on your stomach and another on your chest and then taking deep, relaxed breaths for a few minutes every morning to help you feel more alert.

Keep Your Appearance Up to Date

Keeping your hair, skin, and teeth healthy is vital for staying productive throughout the day. When you look good, it's easier to feel confident too! So if you're after some new makeup or are looking into skincare, then why not ask a friend who they recommend?

There are plenty of free online tutorials that can teach us how to do our makeup ourselves - all we need is time (and patience!) Makeup doesn't always have to be perfect; sometimes, just having something on makes us feel more put together than if we didn't wear anything at all. For example, if you feel self-conscious because of bald spots, try scalp micropigmentation to regain confidence! So don't worry about doing your entire face every single morning, but try including some concealer under your eyes and lip balm instead. There's nothing wrong with being natural!

Sleep Well at Night 

It's essential to get at least seven hours of sleep every night. If you're not getting enough, it can make you feel tired, moody, and less productive during the day, which isn't suitable for anyone!

If your current mattress is old or uncomfortable, why not invest in a new one? Sleeping on an old bed will cause aches and pains while preventing us from falling asleep because our muscles are stiffer than usual. A comfortable mattress also helps with back support, so if yours doesn't provide this benefit, it might be time to look into investing in something that does! Remember that sleeping well starts by going to bed early - try sticking to set times instead of staying up late reading or watching TV until midnight.

Maintain Positive Thoughts 

It's essential to surround yourself with positive people. If negative individuals surround you, then it will be hard for your mood not to reflect theirs! So why not choose a new group of friends interested in the same things that you are?

When we have uplifting conversations, our brain releases serotonin which is known for making us feel happier. It also impacts productivity, so if possible, try spending time with these types of people at work too! Creating lists can help maintain positivity because they increase self-confidence and give us something to look forward to doing even when life gets tough. There's nothing wrong with being optimistic - remember what Churchill said: "If you're going through hell, keep going."

Maintaining good health is just a matter of being conscious of our daily habits. It's not always easy, but it will impact your life if you can commit to making some minor changes!