5 Ways To Naturally Boost Your Body’s Immunity

Our go-to-guide for keeping well in the winter months.


The term “immune system” is a phrase that’s increasingly over-used as we head into the festive season. With a pandemic still looming and flu-season on the rise, it’s no wonder that doctors and health experts are emphasising the importance of keeping well and doing everything you can to “boost” your immunity.  
There are many supplements and products out there which will claim to give you that spring in your step that we’re all after. However, the truth is - there’s nothing more effective than going back to basics when it comes to your health.  
Focusing on natural wellness methods will ensure that you adopt a holistic approach to your well-being, which will benefit your immunity in the long run.  
Here are our top five natural remedies that are guaranteed to aid both your mental and physical health, providing your immune system with the crucial boost it needs ahead of winter.  
Evaluate Your Diet  
Now, the saying is as true as it comes “you are what you eat”. Limiting the amount of processed ingredients you consume, and focusing on nutritious, whole foods is key in maintaining a healthy diet. 
In addition to providing your body with quality energy sources - eating a balanced, varied diet will also ensure that you’re receiving all the micronutrients you need.  
A variety of fruit and vegetables, lean proteins, whole-grains, and healthy fats will fuel your body with the key vitamins that are needed to support the overall function of your immune system.  

Manage Stress 
It’s so important to take the time to assess how stress affects you as an individual. Whether it’s brought on suddenly or builds up as an accumulation of anxiety – when we feel stressed, our body automatically initiates a stress response. This, in turn suppresses our immunity, making us more susceptible to illness and infection.  
The way to combat this is to develop a way to cope when you feel stress starting to take its toll. Whether it be focusing on your breathing or practicing mindfulness – find what works for you so you can better control your cortisol levels in the future.  

Prioritize Sleep  
The quality and quantity of our sleep is hugely underrated when it comes to our health. Sleep is the time when our bodies repair themselves, recover, and work to combat any lingering illnesses that you might be battling.  
Crucial infection-fighting molecules are created when you sleep, so it’s imperative that you make adequate rest a priority in your day-to-day life.  

Engage In Exercise  

Making regular exercise a part of your routine will benefit you both mentally and physically. Staying active stimulates your immune system, improving circulation, and aiding other infection-fighting molecules to travel around your body. However, engaging in exercise routines might be difficult for many people. Therefore, using a supplement with natural ingredients can be a good choice for you because it can support you in sticking to your regular workout routine, checked by Kimberly Langdon, MD at a Healthcanal's journal.

Keep Hydrated 
Our water intake plays a vital role in supporting our overall health. A fluid in the circulatory system called lymph is largely made up of water and carries important infection-fighting immune cells around the body. If you’re dehydrated, this slows down the movement of lymph, which, in turn, impairs your immunity.  

While Covid-19 still poses a real threat to our health, if you implement these natural, immune-booster methods into your daily life, your well-being will reap all sorts of benefits. 

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