Bold and Beautiful: The Rise of Graphic Eyeliner

Geometric designs and vibrant colors.


Get the fresh-out-of-a-magazine-cover editorial look with these eye-catching graphic liner looks. From vibrant pops of color to playful waves and intricate dot patterns, each style offers a unique canvas for self-expression. Let’s explore some eyeliner artistry, delve into easily achievable techniques that redefine conventional beauty standards, and prove that the canvas of your eyelids is a canvas for creativity.

Colorful Wing

For those lacking in artistic confidence, this style is for you! No big shapes required for this look, as long as you have nailed your signature wing liner of course. Swap out the classic black for a bold pop of color, and why not pick a shade that perfectly complements your outfit?



Fox Eyes

Create the illusion of a more elongated, almond eye shape with this eyeliner shape. Draw a small triangle with a black liquid liner over your tear duct and flick out the ends with a signature cat eye wing. Complete the look with a smudging of black kohl in the tightline and waterline. If you’re feeling super extra, then a lash with a winged out, cat effect will really elevate the look. 



Open Liner

Why not brave the flick and attempt this bold, swooping eyeliner shape? After creating a wing (or two!), drag your liquid liner back over the lid towards your nose to create a large wing-shaped negative space on your lid. This style is ideal for someone with hooded eyes as the top curve of this shape can be placed as high on the lid as you need, so the design won’t disappear when looking straight ahead.



Wavy Liner

If you're looking for bold, look no further! Go crazy and let your liquid liner run wild with this wavy liner look. Draw some waves along the lash line, on the eyelid, or even under the eye, and even try experimenting with colors. The possibilities are endless!



Dotted liner

A simple technique that creates a dramatic effect. Whether you freehand circles with a liquid liner, or find a circular-shaped tool to dip into an eyeliner pot, this look is guaranteed to turn heads. Include a few dots with your winged liner for a casual effect or cover your lid in dots for an effortlessly impressive look.



Break free from the boring black liner and let your creativity run wild! The best part about these bold graphic liner looks is that if you mess up a line, all it needs is a little wipe. No commitment necessary, and endless opportunities to create the perfect bold eye.  So what’s stopping you?