Ganni's Outdoor Fashion Show "JOYRIDE" Finishes Off Copenhagen Fashion Week

The innovative brand debuted 3 new collaborations at the show.


Last week, GANNI wrapped up the Spring/Summer edition of Copenhagen fashion week in the only way the innovative brand knows how. The show, titled JOYRIDE, took place at an outdoor venue near the ocean, with chalk art on full display throughout the catwalk and with models starting off the show riding bikes.


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The carefree nature of the show was in itself a love letter to the city of Copenhagen. Creative director Ditte Reffstrup shared that the show was inspired by the feeling she gets every morning when she takes her 15-minute commute to work via bicycle. Reffstrup states “My best ideas come to me in the morning. I put my headphones on, turn the music up super loud, get on my bike and cycle to work. Those 15 minutes are completely mine to treasure. My mind is open and my thoughts just flow. This collection is really about that feeling.” She goes on to say “We called it ‘JOYRIDE’ because it’s about Copenhagen being the place where our heart is. There’s a feeling about being in the city in the summertime that I can’t quite explain, the energy is pulsing, it really gets your beat going.” 


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The rest of the GANNI team, which is becoming more and more international as Reffstrup has stated, agrees that the capital is at its best during the joyful summer months. GANNI simply wanted to celebrate that feeling and translate it as directly as possible through JOYRIDE. 

The show served as a way to showcase the brand’s three newest collaborations with Levi’s, Barbour, and 66°North. The pieces in collaboration with 66°North include outerwear made from recycled polyester and nylon, which is very much in line with the Danish brand’s ethos. Outside of the three collaborations, GANNI also introduced their new T-shirt made out of an innovative new textile fiber called infinna, which originates from textile waste. 


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