Fall Fashion Essentials: Finding the Perfect Coat Made Easy

Check out the latest fall outerwear trends.


Every year, we face the tough decision of buying a new coat, and every year, it never gets easier. There are times in life when you feel as though, no matter how many coats you buy, you cannot find the perfect one that matches your style.

I am currently going through the same situation; my preferred style of coat is always bland, with dark colors. This year, I told myself it’s time for a change – more color and a positive attitude.

The style of coats each year seems to be getting longer, and this is because the longline coat style is becoming quite popular. I know this because I am one of those people who enjoy a long coat that not only keeps me warm but also looks stylish.

Here are just a few examples of coat styles that might be suitable for you. The trend in coats each year appears to be moving towards longer styles, and this is attributed to the growing popularity of the longline coat. I know this firsthand, as I am one of those individuals who enjoys a long coat that not only keeps me warm but also exudes style.

Here are just a few examples of coat styles that might be suitable for you.



Embrace Winter Warmth with Longline Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets are the way to go if you like to stay warm. Most puffer jackets contain insulation or synthetic fibers that create warmth depending on the quality. There are also loads of different styles of puffer jackets, but the most popular include longline jackets, which come down to your ankles, providing a wider range of warmth, including your legs. This can be a game-changer for those cold days.

There are also body warmer-style puffers called 'longline gilets,' which are great if you want to look stylish and stay warm. You can match this jacket with a hoodie for extra warmth. These coats come in a range of colors, but the challenge is finding the right one. Sometimes it helps to match the color with the season to alleviate the stress of choosing. Lighter colors are better.

These coats are great for walking the dog or going for a hike because they have easy-to-clean fabric, and they serve as everyday coats, born out of necessity.



Elegance Meets Warmth: Long-Lined Belted Coats

If you're looking for something different and more fashionable, I would go with the long-lined belted coat. This has a more elegant look, and the belt adds to giving your body a great figure shape.

Because this coat is also longline, it will keep you warm this fall. These coats originate from the old-fashioned trench coat, and over the years, many designers have updated the trend and made it their own. From belted, double-breasted, and wrap coats, they come in many colors, but the most popular tend to be black, grey, and beige.



Revive Retro Glamour with Teddy Coats

Another longline coat style to explore is the teddy coat. Again, it’s a fashion-forward choice that looks and feels good to wear. Although not practical for wet weather, it will still keep you warm.

Although some people may not have heard of the teddy coat, it has been around since the 1920s. They didn’t hit the runway until 2013 when the trend started to spread like wildfire. One of the standout trends of 2023 is faux fur, which is why the teddy coat remains popular.

They come in different colors, but the most popular around this time of year tends to be brown or beige.



Finally, there are shackets. Shackets were worn quite a lot during the 19th and 20th centuries but were most popular during the '70s when men wore them as work attire. Though these jackets are not very thick, they still provide warmth during early fall.

If you're looking for something light to wear and aren't a fan of big coats, I highly suggest this coat. Many of these coats come in different colors and countless plaid styles, adding to the autumn look.

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