A Guide To Being The Shadiest Of Ladies

Strictly in the eye department.


It is hitting that time of year when we need to re-unite with our shades. But, of course, before we can re-unite, we must go through the rigmarole of ‘where the hell did I put them?’ After a few drawers have been emptied and a thorough closet search has occurred, hopefully, you will land on your accumulated cluster of sunglasses. Obviously, they are all still winners and should get their time in the sun again- it's been so long, they need some Vitamin D. But if you are looking to expand your collection and have room for an extra pair, we have our top style picks for you: 

She’s A Racer Girl 

The racer is an athletic style of shade which can be practical as well as very stylish. The slim and angular shape which hug your face is great for running, skiing and any other outdoor exercise you may want to do. Gaining momentum in 2022, these styles are expected to flourish in 2023. 

Tinted Lenses 

Retro frames with tinted lenses are stuck in our mind. View your 2023 through tinted glasses; after all, Miley sang ‘Rose Colored Lenses’ for a reason. The aviators are securing their spot in the 2023 eyewear trends, and this time with a flare for color.  

Get In Shape 

Unconventional shapes have been covering the eyes of festival goers for the past couple of years. However, this year we are expecting braver styles to enter everyday wear for Gen Zs. Natural shapes are especially utilized- clouds, lightning bolts, and butterflies.  

Steady Wins The Race 

If you want to go with a safer, traditional choice- tortoiseshell is a sure thing. They will always be in demand and are a reliable pick.


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