Viktor&Rolf Autum/Winter 2021 Collection

We’ll bow to this collection.


For Viktor&Rolf more is more and even more. For their Autumn/Winter 2021 haute couture collection the fashion duo channeled royalty, getting inspired by the new generation of "blue bloods" that are humanizing the monarchy, while also alluding to the ways that the fashion industry can too resemble it. After all, Fashion and Royalty are both empires that the world has been obsessing over for centuries and are deeply intertwined with each other, as “both require putting on a show, and this show must always go on, no matter what.” said the pair.

Exaggerated proportions took place in giant sashes, featuring sassy slogans like Size Queen and Princess? No Bitch, Queen! and Don't Be a Drag Just Be a Queen, oversized coats and raffia “fur” capes and jewels the size of our heads. Kinda, maybe not as big, but very close! Oh, what a burden must be to carry such immense precious stones as those around!

Simpler silhouettes of A-line dresses were adorned by massive flowers brocades, various color ribbons, and pearl-decorated necklines, highlighting the brand's signature quirkiness. “We wanted everything to be bigger than life,” pointed Horsting. “It’s like a play on queens or royals. We wanted to be uplifting and joyful and—fun is not the right word—but colorful, sparkling, positive. You are your own creation.”

Rich-textured jacquards appeared in pastel tones, very Queen Marie-Antoinette, royal blue, burgundy, and gold. For makeup, the models received dreamy tints of soft pinks, purples, blues, and oranges, by the hand of makeup artist David Koppelaar, and for hair, Hester Wernert Rijn, created voluminous and sturdy updos, a solid foundation for the models to hold their head high and carry their heavy crowns.

Like in royalty not everything is what it seems, but one should always keep up appearances, and so the furs were made of raffia, the tiaras of plastic, jewels made of paste, and gowns patchworked in polyester. "This season, Viktor & Rolf wanted to show how everyone can become a Queen and how everyone can behave like royalty,"

This season Viktor&Rolf also introduced their upcoming shoes and bags in collaboration with Melissa.

In celebration of the collection, Viktor&Rolf will host a one-day, invitation-only exhibit, curated by Thierry-Maxime Loriot at the Chapelle Expiatoire in Paris. See the entire Viktor & Rolf Fall 2021 Haute Couture collection here.


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