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Celine Dion: Queen of Couture

Yasssss Celine.


Celine Dion? She sang that Titanic song right?

We’re joking of course, Celine Dion is quickly making herself the icon at fashion weeks. Before recently we never really paid much attention to the fact that she is a literal goddess, but now we’ve noticed, we’re stanning harder than ever.

Paris Haute Couture Week, a place for celebrities and fashion-stars to revel in show-stopping looks and break the internet with memorable style moments.

We had Christina Aguilera in a Viktor & Rolf meme-inspired gown emblazoned with “F* THIS I’M GOING TO PARIS’, Miss Fame wow-ing in Iris Van Herpen ‘Hypnosis Couture’ and Naomi Campbell turning heads at the Valentino Haute Couture show but we cannot allow any of these stars outshine the absolute icon, queen and legend Celine Dion.

Let’s break down some looks because they are too hot to handle:

Pants-less Couture:


Queen Celine was in an Off White one-piece body suit with matching blazer and we are obsessed. This look was seen on Gigi Hadid during the brands Spring 2020 Menswear show earlier this year in Paris. Pants-less in Paris, what a look!

Laser-Cut and Loving it:


🧡❤️🧡❤️ #celinedion #parisfashionweek #celine_dion_life

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Ashly/Celine_Dion_Life (@celine_dion_life) am


Can we all just take a second to appreciate how casually she can wear an Iris Van Herpen 3D Laser Cut dress and make it look so good. With slicked-back hair she looks futuristic AF and we think this could be one of her best looks yet.

Chanel Spandex:


Source / Vogue : Good fashion can make you feel fabulous and no one understands that better than Céline Dion. The music legend has been vocal about her appreciation for great design and together with stylists Sydney Lopez and Pepe Muñoz, she’s embraced an outré look that has turned her into a style icon. Dion flaunts dramatic pieces most are too timid to even attempt, and the Chanel jumpsuit she took for a spin yesterday in Paris was no different. Fresh from the house’s Spring 2019 collection, the all-black piece was striking thanks to crystal-embellished double-C detailing at the straps and made for an instant statement outside the Hôtel de Crillon. Reminiscent of 1980s workout gear (minus the neon colors), the Chanel bodysuit was a daring choice. It for sure takes confidence to pull off skin-tight spandex, capri pants, and a logo-laden oversized belt, but Dion was up for the challenge. Though both Kim Kardashian and Lily Rose Depp have worn variations on the look in recent months, Dion managed to put her own stamp on the risk-taking summer trend. #celinedion #vogue #celine_dion_life

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Ashly/Celine_Dion_Life (@celine_dion_life) am

Bike leggings? Check. Spandex? Check. Decked out in Chanel accessories? CHECK. Celine killed the casual daytime look with class and beauty, and a lot of Chanel. She 100% just wants us to know that we are peasants and could never pull off such a lewk. That Chanel Chain Logo belt needs to be mine.

My Heart Will Go On:


Celine in front of her hotel today wearing a “I ❤️Paris..Hilton” shirt 😂 #celinedion

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Ashly/Celine_Dion_Life (@celine_dion_life) am


We know we made the Titanic joke earlier, but Celine literally wore the necklace from the film out on the streets of Paris. Vetements Spring 2020 collection features the heart of the ocean necklace and we’re so happy Dion was the one to debut it at Couture Week! Vetements Spring 2020 also features this graphic tee featuring the lovely statement ‘I Love Paris Hilton’, which is a play on the touristy t-shirts dedicated to the City of Love (and who doesn’t love Paris Hilton, duh).

Asymmetric and Killing It:


CELINE DION 💗 wearing Asymmetrical Jeans by #kseniaschnaider

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Remember those asymmetric jeans that made headlines last year? Designed by Ksenia Schnaider, Dion bought them to the streets of Paris and they look incredible. Pairing them with a pink feathered Attico top and matching pink furry sandals, topped off with a Fendi bag – Oh Miss Dion you win.

She had so many more looks but we think we might explode if we carry on discussing how unbelievable she is. Celine Dion, legendary singer and fashion icon. What’s next? World domination?

Do you have a favourite look? Let us know.

Top image via foxnews.com.


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