Britney Spears Is Finally Free!

A judge has terminated the singer’s conservatorship after 13 years.


After 13 years, pop icon Britney Spears has finally regained control over her own life and money as a judge terminates the singer’s conservatorship. In a heartwarming tweet, Spears declared this to be the ‘Best day ever’!

The singer had been placed under conservatorship by her father, Jamie Spears in 2008, around the time of her infamous breakdown. A conservatorship is a form of legal guardianship in which a person has complete control over someone else’s life and income as they are deemed unfit to make decisions on their own based on their mental and physical state. Britney Spears’ mental health was very stigmatized at the time of her breakdown and only after eleven years, in 2019, the #FreeBritney movement gained mainstream popularity. This was due to an anonymous lawyer, who used to work for the firm which oversaw Britney’s conservatorship, expressing concerns over Jamie’s control over her, on an episode of Britney’s Gram podcast. The #FreeBritney movement urged Jamie Spears and other parties involved to terminate Britney’s conservatorship. After thousands of fans and the media got involved, the pop star was able to regain her freedom on November 12th of this year.

Britney has now stated that she will start this new part of her life by getting married to her fiancé Sam Asghari without it needing to be approved by her conservators, finally able to live her life freely.


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