Best Yoga Youtube Channels And Videos For A Peaceful, At-Home Practice

Catering to yogis of either beginner, intermediate, or advanced levels.


Even in a pre-pandemic world, there had always been the common urge to engage in certain self-care practices in the privacy of one’s own space. Whether it be meditation, journaling, reading, cardio workouts, and in this particular case, yoga

Sure, at-home yoga has been nothing new given the rise of yoga youtube channels providing hundreds of free practices that can last up to an entire hour. However, as we now enter the latter half of 2022, with all the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic under our belts, at-home yoga became a staple in the lives of many individuals craving the countless benefits of the world-renowned spiritual discipline without having to be confined in a space with several other strangers. Social gatherings of any kind were prohibited for an almost two-year time span, which in turn caused the pleasures of engaging in certain activities in the comfort of one’s home to be brought to light amidst the chaos that was going on in the world at the time.

Therefore, we have compiled a brief list of specific yoga practices on youtube (attached with their respective youtube channel) for anyone who needs a quick rundown on who and what to watch in the yoga-via-youtube community. We have decided to split the videos/youtube channels into three categories: beginner, intermediate, and advanced for individuals of varying levels of experience. Now let’s get to stretching!


Yoga With Bird - 20 Minute Restorative Yoga

Yoga With Kassandra - 30 Minute Full Body Yoga Stretch

Alessandra Oram - 60 Minute Power Yoga Flow



Yoga With Yana - 20 Minute Full Body Flow

Alo Yoga - 45 Minute Power Vinyasa Flow

Tana Yoga - 60 Minute Strong Yoga Flow



Boho Beautiful Yoga - 20 Minute Expand Your Practice Yoga Flow

YogiApproved - 30 Minute Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Nicole Wild - 60 Minute Advanced Yoga Flow


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