We Debunk The Most Common Meditation Myths

Happy mind, happy life.


Many of us have tried and failed to meditate successfully, though this could be due to the common misconceptions surrounding meditation. We debunk a few of the main meditation myths to show you the benefits, and how easy it really is!

1. You’re not meant to have any thoughts whilst meditating.

This is probably the most common meditation myth, and why a lot of people feel like they’re failing. However, meditation expert, Deepak Chopra, stated that when meditating ‘we don’t eliminate the tendency of the mind to jump from one thought to another,’ as this is not possible. Instead, when a thought arises during meditation we should simply observe it and return our focus.

2. You must be somewhere quiet to meditate.

It’s not always easy to find somewhere quiet, particularly when you live in the city. So instead of letting the sounds be a distraction, you can incorporate them into your practice. By picking one sound, like the murmur of voices or a car engine, and tuning into it, your mind will focus away from your thoughts.

3. You must be sitting upright to meditate.

You can meditate in the position which feels most comfortable for you. Lying, standing, sitting, you can even try walking meditation if you find it difficult to be still. Experiment and find which works best.

4. The aim of meditation is to feel calm.

While meditation may make us feel calm, there are so many other benefits we can receive from the practice. It can help to decrease blood pressure, improve concentration and even increase feelings of happiness. So it may be worth setting aside five minutes to give it a go.


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