Bardot Eyes Are The Smokey Eye Trend You Need In Your Life

Try this trend, and all eyes will be on your eyes.


You’ve probably seen this high-drama, eye-catching eye look on Instagram, but you may not know what it’s called. Meet Bardot eyes. They're bold, unique, and definitely not your grandmother's smokey eye. You may be thinking “this look doesn’t exactly scream Brigitte Bardot…” It’s true— the style icon is a bit further removed from this trend. (Though, we think these eyes with a classic Bridget Bardot hair look would be *chef kiss.*) When makeup artist, Alexandra Clare, discovered the technique, she knew exactly what to name it. "To me, it reminded me of a top that I own that sits just below the shoulders known as a Bardot top, and so, Bardot Eyes were born,” she told Allure

Luckily, the mother of Bardot eyes, herself, has all the details to help you make the look your own. Here’s what you’ll need: A skinny eyeliner brush, a gel eyeliner, an eyeshadow in a matching hue, a blush or eyeshadow in a color you’d like to blend with, and a fluffy shadow brush.

Start with foundation before diving into the eye makeup. As Clare explained to Allure, start by using your liner brush and gel liner to draw a line from your lash line to your temple and then all the way up to your hairline. Next, you’ll take the eyeliner remaining on your brush and spread it down toward your cheekbones. Then, use your coordinating eyeshadow to keep blending downwards. Next, use your blending color or blush to blend the makeup further down on your cheeks. Finish off with mascara or your favorite falsies.

Clare mentioned, "It’s a makeup that can look a little bit crazy until it all comes together at the end” and that you should “trust the process.” The look is certainly daring— even when it’s finished, and it’s just the kind of statement makeup to spice up your look for a summer night out. We especially love makeup artist, Anastasia Ayanwale’s, take which features a bright green and makes the look a little less macabre and a little more fun and funky. Whatever shade you choose for your Bardot eyes, make sure you pair them with extra confidence and attitude.

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