Anonymous Sex: The Anthology Revolutionising The Way We Write Sex

The collection of 27 anonymous stories is removing the taboo surrounding sex.


It is instilled in us from a young age that that talking about sex is embarrassing. We grow up dreading the day that our parents will sit us down for ‘the talk’, and even in the presence of friends it can feel like a daunting subject to broach. 

That’s why the new anthology ‘Anonymous Sex’ edited by novelists, Hillary Jordan, and Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan provides us with a well needed breath of fresh air. The compilation of 27 stories, each written by different authors, gives us an entirely uninhibited look at sex

The works, all fiction, combine the powers of descriptive story-telling and real, raw sex to create a unique reading experience. The works transcend the sexual binary, exploring queer relationships and experiences that help us understand our sexualities

Written in a plethora of different genres such as sci-fi, crime, thriller and fairy-tale, the collection proves that sex is everywhere; raising important issues using gripping narratives. 

The editors, Hillary Jordan, and Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan, both accomplished authors in their own rights, have compiled a rich tapestry of sexual experience. As well as talented editors, the 25 other contributing authors have equally impressive repertoires. 

Anonymous Sex creates a unique sense of mystery, with a list of credited authors but no indication of who wrote which tale. 

The work has already received rave reviews and was featured on the Sunday Times Style’s Valentine’s Day Reading List. It is available now for purchase online and in selected bookstores. 

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