Debunk Sex Taboos And Learn Why We Should All Love Sex In Its Many Forms

Let’s get to some dirty talk.


Sex is a wonderful thing — we know most people know that. The problem is so many of us don’t discuss our sexual experiences which can lead to so many negative problems. Now there’s a time a place for discussing orgasms, shower sex and whether everyone else finds it that hard to keep their legs in the air for that sex position. Still, get your gal pals together (perhaps with a drink or two) and have a chat, learn and realize that sex comes in many forms, it isn’t like the movies but that’s cool and we should learn to love that. 

Period Sex

This one might make you feel awkward, but this one shouldn’t still be a taboo in 2019. First of all, yes people do have period sex. Second, no you won’t end up looking like that scene from Carrie (probably not anyway). 

Period sex relies on both partners feeling comfortable, just like with any other sexual experience. If you are both up for it, then great, there are so many benefits for women to have period sex. You may not be feeling so sexy on your period, cramps, blood and bloating might not be such a turn on but so many of these symptoms can be relieved! Not only does it relieve pain, but releases endorphins so you can say goodbye to the crap mood you’ve been in all day. Of course, it may get a little messy but if you prepare for that (shower sex, anyone?) period sex can be a great time. 


Lack of discussion certainly can lead to some confusion about this one. Gross, dirty, uncomfortable, people have all sorts of ideas about anal but the truth is every experience is different. If it’s not up to your street (or up somewhere else!) don’t do it but be open to the discussion. It seems to be the male fantasy but a study from The Journal of Sexual Medicine shows that 40% of women in their 20s have done it, so clearly some girls are into it, and why not? If that many women are engaging in anal sex, why is there not more discussion around it? 

It seems anal sex is one of the main taboos that need to be debunked. Some women like anal, get over it!

Female Masturbation

You know you do it, stop lying.

So what is female masturbation? Is it all massive dildos and vibrators? Not always, no. 

We all hear about men masturbating, they seem comfortable enough talking about it and us women should be able to discuss it too. Whether you use sex toys or your hands, masturbation is great. Similar to period sex, there are so many benefits to masturbating! It helps you get to know your body, like literally where everything is. If you don’t know where your clit is, you can’t complain that your partner doesn’t. Masturbation also helps you understand what you like in sex, you can learn what gets you going and teach your partner what that is. 

Masturbation equals a better sex life, what’s not to like?
There are unbelievable myths surrounding female masturbating, some people even believe it can cause blindness and infertility. It can’t by the way. Instead, it can have so many positives, like relieving stress, releasing endorphins and helping period pains. 


If you’ve faked it, you aren’t alone. The University of Leeds found that 80% of women have faked an orgasm, by why? Many of us may feel bad that our partner hasn’t done the job properly, this is understandable but will get you nowhere. By faking an orgasm your partner will think they have successfully got you going and clearly, they haven't, or you wouldn’t be faking it. Instead, guide them as to what you like, tell them what they are doing isn’t comfortable for you and show them something else you like. Yes, of course, you want them to be happy but pleasing you will make them happy so teach them how.

As you can see all these taboos are intertwined. For example, faking orgasms may come from not knowing what you want your partner to do, so get masturbating. Whatever you do, get talking taboos, don’t judge others and learn and explore sex for the fun thing that it is. 


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