An Irish Artist Releases A Music Video With Dublin's Finest Drag Queens

Her name is it's just Cat and she literally sings with feline grace.


Self-proclaimed 'baddest baldie you'll meet,' and a music graduate of British and Irish Modern Music Institue in Dublin, it's just Cat is dedicated to the individuality, creativity, and freedom of expression, cultivated through music. Her mission is reflected in her fourth single, entitled 'Not a Vibe.'

The song shows a symbolic middle finger to everyone who didn't believe in it's just Cat and her talent. 'It's a reflection of my personal experience of the music industry,' she reveals. 'Some people have attempted to copy me while telling me I'm not good enough.'

'Not a Vibe' also expresses the artist's sense of pride. 'The positive energy of the track represents my everlasting confidence that I'm happier than ever that I'm making music.' She couldn't have chosen a better company to put across that message than Dublin's finest drag queens Shaqira Knightly, Annie Queeries, and Donna Fella who join her in the music video, directed by Louis Maxwell. 

Inspired by Ariana Grande, radiating a blinding queer light and spreading out boldness, 'Not a Vibe' by it's just Cat is out in the world.  


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