Freya Roy’s New Single Is For Everyone Who Can’t Sleep Tonight

What keeps you awake?


‘Calling My Name’ is a very sensual song about very sensual experiences of desire, temptations, and… selfishness. It feels sexy and seductive but, simultaneously, it echoes with profound sadness and reflection. Who else could deliver such a multidimensional track better than Freya Roy, an artist with real sophistication, blending nu-jazz with electronic sound?

Starting with a perfectly mesmerizing vocal harmony, ‘Calling My Name’ turns into a hypnotizing and rhythmic progression, adorned with a sultry guitar solo. Freya also indicates the therapeutic effect of her newest single.

‘Whilst at a turning point in a relationship, I had a confrontational conversation with someone one evening which left me awake throughout the whole night,’ she recalls. ‘It’s a bit of a confession but I’ve written about giving in to these intense feelings of desire. At the time it felt selfish, but I couldn’t help myself, so I let it all wash over me.’

An extraordinary effect of a long, sleepless night in a smoky jazz club is articulated by a music video, featuring a dancer Salomé Pressac. Freya, who co-directed the video to ‘Calling My Name,’ explains the inspirations behind it, appreciating Salomé’s talent.

‘I am fascinated by the power of our sleep allowing us to fantasize, where our imagination can seem so real and become influential on our real actions. I have been so drawn to deep, red colors, contrasting light and shadows, and silhouettes with this project - the idea of them almost being unreal and out of reach, running in line with a theme of desire. Salomé interprets this, captured intimately, whilst we never appear together in the shot.’

If anything is keeping you awake tonight, listen to ‘Calling My Name’ by Freya Roy.

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