Tips for Dressing for a First Date

Dress yourself well.


Going on a first date is generally equally stressful, nerve-wracking, and exciting, especially if you don’t know the person very well or haven’t been on a date in quite a while.

One fundamental way to help you relax and enjoy the outing more and make a positive impression is to dress yourself well. You might like to follow some of the following tips as you get ready.

Consider the Type of Date

Firstly, make sure you’re clear about what kind of activity you’re going to be doing on your date so you can dress accordingly. An outfit that’s perfect for, say, drinks or dinner and a movie may be too dressy for a casual coffee date or wandering through some local markets or a museum. On the other hand, if you’re going to be doing something active, such as a hike, mini-golf, climb, tennis, yoga class, or another outing, you’ll want to wear something you can freely move in which helps wick moisture away from your skin.

If you’re meeting your date at the beach or elsewhere for a swim, you’ll want to wear a swimsuit with a cute cover-up such as a short summer dress or some denim shorts, too. Don’t be afraid to ask the person you’re meeting for some further information on what you’ll be doing on the date so you can plan accordingly. They’re sure to feel flattered that you’re considering how best to make a good impression and be ready for what’s ahead.

Ensure You’re Going to Be Comfortable

Similarly, no matter where you end up going on your first date with this new person, you want to wear something you feel comfortable in. You don’t want to be pulling at sleeves, a skirt, top, or other pieces because things are riding up or getting in the way when you move, etc. For ease of movement, consider cotton graphic tees in fun colors, soft dress shirts, stretchy jeans, a dress with some give or flow to it, and so on.

It’s best to steer clear of jewelry that is too noisy or distracting. Plus, avoid wearing fabrics that can be itchy and will make you want to scratch all the time on your date (the last thing you want is to come across like a dog with fleas!). Try to avoid big hats, sunglasses, or other pieces that will block your date’s proper view of you and get in the way of the two of you properly connecting.

Also, wear shoes that you have broken in already and know you can easily walk in, even for a few miles if needed. This is much safer than taking a risk with the footwear you’ve recently purchased. It’s not fun for you or your date if you need to keep stopping due to issues with shoe choice.

Examine the Weather


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While you might have had a cute first date outfit in mind already, always pay attention to the weather and change some or all of your clothing and accessory options as needed if the temperature varies significantly from what was expected. You don’t want to be wearing something that’s too hot and will make you sweat or that you’ll be cold and shivering in, after all.

Plus, think about the materials your clothes, shoes, accessories, etc., are made from. Avoid wearing suede if you’re going to be potentially walking around in the rain, for instance, and choose shoes that you won’t be likely to slip in if you are in icy or snowy conditions, in particular. Also, a top that could turn see-through if you get caught out in wet weather isn’t the best option. Think about how changes in weather or extreme temperatures could affect you while on your date, and dress accordingly.

Don’t Show Off Too Much Skin


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While it’s nice to look a little flirty and sexy on your date, you don’t want to go overboard with showing skin. Being too revealing with ultra low-cut tops and dresses or incredibly high hemlines and the like can make you get perceived by your date as promiscuous, superficial, or only after a one-night stand. Instead, it’s best to show just a hint of skin and not show skin in every area. Keep some parts of your body covered up so that your date can enjoy guessing about what’s underneath the clothes.

For instance, you might like to consider drawing attention to your neck and shoulders rather than your chest or legs. These upper body parts are still sexy and can help with attraction, but showcasing them is less likely to give the other party the wrong idea about you and your intentions. You might wear your hair up and some long earrings to get your date looking at your neck or a one-shoulder or off-the-shoulder top or dress to bare the top of your arms and decolletage.

Incorporate Red

If you want to really rev up your date’s imagination, it’s worthwhile thinking about wearing the color red. This hue is associated with love, passion, desire, sexiness, lust, red roses, lacy lingerie, Valentine’s Day, and more, and is vibrant and sexy at any age. This romantic shade can increase desire, it’s believed, because it’s both fashionable and alluring.

You might wear a stylish red dress, a sequined or otherwise dressy red top or shirt, or even let a glimpse of some red lingerie peek out from a wrap-around dress or a top with thin straps.

Smell Good But Avoid Overpowering Your Date with Scent


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We all want to smell good when we’re meeting someone for the first time so that some attraction can be encouraged right from when we give the other person a hug or a kiss on the cheek and lean in for the contact. As such, it pays to wear a little bit of perfume or body oil or other scent when you go to meet your date, as long as it’s subtle and simple.

Overpowering your potential new partner with too much scent or competing scents can make them want to pull away, which is not something you’d want someone you like to do. Plus, fragrances, especially when too potent, can give some people headaches or other allergic reactions. Spray yourself or rub oil on your body a little while before you’re due to meet your date, and don’t get carried away with how much you use.

Stay True to Yourself

While you naturally want your date to get the best impressions possible of you on your first meet-up, you should still be yourself, both in personality and fashion choices. Stay true to your usual style, even if it’s a little more formal or flirty than usual. Don’t try to look like someone else or create an image you think the person will want to see. This isn’t sustainable, and sooner or later, you’re going to show exactly who you are. It’s much better to be authentic from date one.

A couple of other top tips for dressing for this all-important date are to keep your makeup and hair simple and not overdone, and avoid over-accessorizing. Try to look approachable and friendly rather than too perfect or over the top for the type of date you’re going on. Follow these tips to help you maximize your confidence when you arrive for your date and give yourself the best chance of wowing the person you’re meeting.