Polartropica’s New Video Features Queer Superheroes

Grimes would love it.


Polartropica, is the music endeavor of Taiwan-born and LA-based artist, Ihui Cherise Wu, who already seems like a dreamy, colorful and unique successor of Grimes. Her newest single, ‘Serial Killer Slayer- Give Them Hell,’ is an anthem of self-defence and a celebration of people who fight back ‘when faced with kidnappers, predators, serial killers, or folks attacking seniors,’ as described by the artist herself.

Despite its undeniably valid and serious message, the track is full of fun, blending different genres such as garage rock, pop punk and electropop. The aesthetics articulates Polatropica’s vision and mission. ‘I wanted to create a healing, inspiring and empowering space with just the right amount of disco-party,’ she professes.

And, as proved by the music video accompanying the release, this kind of space already exists. In a campy, colorful, neon clip, an underground fight club made up of queer superheroes competes to see who will be crowned to take on the serial killer. You won’t see anything better than that today.

If you are a queer superhero but also, if you feel like you need one to save you sometimes, ‘Serial Killer Slayer- Give Them Hell’ by Polartropica should be your jam.

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