Fizzy’s Weekly Beauty Faves

Check out the products our beauty team can’t get enough of.


Just because Halloween is this weekend doesn’t mean you need to look scary. Our beauty team is here to save the day with these beauty favorites.

Glossier Balm Dot Com in Rose 

A forever favorite of mine. I’ve been restocking this product on my shelves for years, and I don’t foresee myself tiring of it. Like, literally ever. It moisturizes my lips like nothing else, not even plain ol’ vaseline. Truth be told, anytime I go to restock on this product I can’t help but get multiple scents (original, rose, and mint are my main loves, but the new cookie butter scent might be winning me over soon). This thing is as strong as the strongest lip masks, and you don’t need a lot of product so it lasts for a long time. Get it, you won’t regret it.


Shop it here for $12.


Lakme Teknia Ultra Red Shampoo

When hairstylists tell you red is the worst possible color to dye your hair, believe them! It’s hard to maintain, it stains everything, and it’s impossibly hard to remove once you get sick of it. But if you’re like me and you’ve decided red hair is worth the trouble, this shampoo is going to save your life. After using it, you notice that the amount of red hair dye that runs out at every wash is considerably reduced, and the color remains fresh for weeks on end. After a month and a half, my color was almost as vibrant as on the first day I dyed it, while before it would turn to orange after about one week. Not only does it keep the color longer, but it’s also extremely nourishing for your hair, leaving it silky smooth and almost devoid of any frizziness. It’s been a lifesaver for my red hair, and now I alternate it with my Ducray Kelual shampoo to ensure that both my scalp and my hair get the same amount of care. If you’re not a redhead, but still have dyed hair, Lakme also offers an Ultra Violet treatment for blonde hair, as well as Ultra Brown.


Shop it here for $27.84


Expressie High Energy, Low Stress

I picked up this nail polish on my way out of CVS at the end of the Summer– major impulse buy. I have very light skin with rosy undertones (classic natural redhead coloring,) and I’m typically a big fan of reds or light, cool colors like light blues and lavenders for my nails. A brown nail polish would never be my typical pick, but this is absolutely my new fall go-to. This polish is both dark and warm and is the perfect shade to carry you from Halloween to Thanksgiving. It’s a part of Essie’s Expressie line– designed to dry quickly, so you can redo your nails and head right out for pumpkin picking.


Shop it here for $9.


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