Fizzy’s Weekly Beauty Faves

This week, our beauty team is all about scalp care and lip plumping.


As October brings on temperature changes, dry, flaky scalp problems become more prevalent. This week, our beauty team is all about the secret weapons to save your scalp– plus the perfect tool to plump your pout.

Ducray Kelual DS Shampoo

This shampoo has been my lifesaver since I discovered it around a year ago. I have a flaky scalp, with seborrheic dermatitis that sometimes appears on my hairline, and I have tried a bunch of scrubs, shampoos and hair treatments to get rid of it or keep it under control. This was the first thing that actually worked and didn’t leave my hair feeling greasy and disgusting half a day after washing it. It’s lightweight, has no fragrance, and you only need to use a little bit. And the best part is that you can notice the difference after the first use! After a year, I can say that my scalp has never been healthier. 


Shop it here for $42.

HEETA Scalp Massager/Shampoo Brushes


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As someone with scalp psoriasis, my scalp is often flaky, itchy, and buildup-prone– especially when the seasons change. When I saw these scalp brushes on TikTok, the idea of brushing my scalp with big, rubbery spikes felt a lot like using a backscratcher– could I finally get some relief in a hard-to-reach, itchy spot? I ordered them right away and have been using them ever since. Not only do they feel amazing on your head, but they help to sink product into your roots. I use the brushes whenever I shampoo my hair, and it helps get my scalp clear and my hair clean.


Shop it here for $7.98.

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Lip Plumper 

One of the only plastic surgery enhancements I’ve seriously considered has been lip fillers. The issue is, though, that I am dreadfully terrified of needles going anywhere near my face. If anyone reading this finds they’re in the same boat as me, fret not — needles are definitely needless in achieving plump, lip injection-like, luscious lips. The Too Faced Extreme Lip Injection lip gloss (my favorite shade is Pink Punch) is indispensable in my makeup routine. Juicy lips for life.


Shop it here for $29.

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