Fizzy’s Weekly Beauty Faves

See what makeup must-haves our beauty team can’t stop talking about.


As the spookiest month of the year rolls on, our beauty team is obsessing over these three makeup bag essentials:

Lancome ‘Grandiose’ Mascara

I don’t know what’s wrong with my eyelashes, to be honest. Almost every mascara I have ever used ended up transferring to my eyelids or my under-eye area, and when it didn’t transfer it was because the formula was so dry that it stuck my eyelashes together. This is the only mascara that worked for me, and I have been using it religiously for about 5 years. The formula is lightweight, while also giving you length and volume and the best part is that IT ACTUALLY SEPARATES YOUR LASHES. Not to mention the curved wand which makes the application so much easier. I swear by this mascara, and I have yet to find one that’s even remotely as good at it. 


Quick Clean Color Switch by Vera Mona x Sephora

This brush cleaner (a tin with a coarse sponge inside) was something I picked up impulsively on a Sephora trip (a common but very risky move.) As someone who spends half the time at my boyfriend’s place, any kind of tool to make getting ready when you’re not at home in your getting-ready-spot easier is worth a shot. As I waited in line, I searched for reviews on the internet to see if this thing really works, and to my surprise, the reviews were great. After using your makeup brush, you poke the sponge with it to easily clean the brush without water, soap, or brush cleaner. This makes it easy to travel lighter, because it eliminates the constant need to switch brushes between colors. The brush cleaner really does allow for a more efficiently-packed makeup bag, but I also use it at home for my daily makeup routine. For those of us who are a little lazy in the brush-washing department (AKA most of us,) this tool is great for getting more precise looks and keeping brushes clean for longer. You can also flip the sponge upside down to keep it clean between rinses. 

- Lauren

Tarte SEA Set & Protect Mineral Sunscreen Powder Broad Spectrum SPF 30

This product is new to my rotation, and already a major favorite for me. It. Is. Life. Saving. No joke. We all know how tedious it can be to reapply sunscreen every two hours (and why haven’t scientists found a way to make a more long-lasting SPF yet?) and yet those of us who care to protect our skin try our best to make it happen. But isn’t it just terribly irksome and discouraging to have to reapply sunscreen over makeup? Over a perfectly done, beat-to-the-gods face of makeup? Well, people, I have the answer to your prayers: this Tarte powder SPF 30. No sun damage for me and my perfectly contoured cheekbones!

- Rafaela


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