Four Things You Can't Use While Having False Lashes

Applying and maintaining them requires some effort.


False eyelashes are popular among women who want to create a dramatic, unforgettable look. However, applying and maintaining them requires some effort. Like many other beauty products, not caring for your fake lashes will shorten their lifespan and leave you with less than desirable results.

Many users complain that their false eyelashes do not last as long as their packaging promised they would. Often, this comes down to not following the directions that accompany each product. This includes using products that break down the adhesive used to affix the lashes to your eyelid, using old glue, or not applying sufficient fixative. Here are products to avoid if you want your false lashes to go the distance:

Makeup remover

Cyanoacrylate is the principal ingredient in any adhesive used for false lashes from Lilac St., Tatti Lashes, Infinit Lash Products, and Trish McEvoy Lashes. Lilac St. lashes are individually made to create the most authentic look possible. Used with a quality adhesive, these lashes will last about five days without too much maintenance or care. It ensures that lashes remain in place for several days without needing additional attention. Similarly, Trish McEvoy eyelashes are false full-length lash strips that give the perfect look to your eyes by adding naturalistic length and volume. The 3D Faux Mink and Russian & Classic options from Tatti lashes too are great as it’s unique material gives a totally new kind of look to your eyes.

However, many cosmetic products dissolve cyanoacrylate, preventing it from working effectively and causing adhesive degeneration. Most makeup removers are oil-based and could harm lash adhesive. Once the bond between your false and natural lashes starts breaking down, the fake ones will start peeling or falling off. This does not create the look you were going for when you decided to use false eyelashes.

Not using makeup remover around your eyes when wearing false eyelashes also applies to makeup remover wipes as they contain similar ingredients and will have the same effect. Most experts advise using baby shampoo to remove any eye makeup or find products specifically created for use with false lashes.


Most people opt for false eyelashes to avoid needing mascara. However, some prefer to continue applying it to add to their eyelashes’ volume or drama. Any oil-based mascara, such as waterproof products, should be avoided to make false eyelashes last.

A water-based oil-free mascara product is safe for use with false eyelashes. However, many makeup artists prefer that their clients avoid mascara entirely as it can clog the lashes up, ruining the desired effect.

As with wearing any eye makeup, removing it becomes challenging when using false lashes. You should be gentle when taking off your mascara as rough rubbing could cause them to separate from the eyelid. Anyone determined to wear mascara with their false eyelashes should look for products that advertise themselves as lash extension safe.


Of all the eye makeup you use, eyeliner comes closest to your false lashes, and you should exercise caution when using it. Many false eyelash wearers use eyeliner to conceal the join between their lashes and the eyelid. It is effective and draws attention to the eye.

However, avoid using wax-based eyeliners, such as eyeliner pencils. Their waxy contents make these eyeliners stick to the lid, much like lashes do. As you remove them, your lashes might separate from the lid.

The best eyeliner to use when wearing false eyelashes is liquid or gel-based products. They are easier to remove and do not contain ingredients that actively interfere with lash adhesive products. Users should exercise caution when removing any eyeliner products as the rubbing motion required could cause false lashes to come out, leaving an uneven and unattractive look. Always refer to the product label to determine if it is false lash safe or ask a shop assistant for more information before buying any eyeliner products.


Powder eyeshadow is safe to use when wearing false eyelashes. However, cream or paste eyeshadow products will affect how long the lash adhesive lasts. Powder products do not attach themselves to your lashes, whereas cream or paste eyeshadows do. Even so, powder eye makeup should be used sparingly to ensure removing it does not entail excessive effort.

These eyeshadows are harder to remove, requiring more pressure and rubbing to get them off. This alone could damage your false lashes and prevent them from living up to their longevity expectations.

Additionally, cream and paste eyeshadows do not respond well to gentle makeup removal products, requiring more chemicals. These makeup removers fall into the category mentioned above and will weaken a lash adhesive’s bonding properties.


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