Embellished Jeans Are The Latest Y2K Trend To Come Back In Style

Here’s a look at major embellished denim moments, past and present.


With the 20-year trend cycle in full force, Y2K fashion has resurfaced for Generation Z. Early-2000s children, now adults, are recreating the pop diva and reality TV star styles of their dreams. High-waist pants have dropped to eye-popping low-rises, purses have shrunk to snuggle right under the shoulder, and hair has been slicked back into spikey buns. Now, a new aughts craze has time-traveled into the fashion forefront. Embellished jeans are hitting the runways and flooding Instagram feeds, bringing back the beloved so-tacky-it’s-good design with modern twists. 

Blumarine, Dolce & Gabanna, Denim Tears, Area, and Bodied by Uchis are just a handful of brands embroidering jeans with sparkles or patches. Celebrities, past and present, are serving as inspiration for this trend revival. Here is a look at all the style icons flaunting their bedazzled denim. 



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Lil’ Kim

Destiny’s Child


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Victoria Beckham


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Paris Hilton


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Machine Gun Kelly

Devon Lee Carlson

Leiomy Maldonado


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