Weinstein Allowed To Stay At Actor’s Event In NYC While Brave Women Who Called Him Out Were Kicked Out

What? Wait…WHAT?


On Wednesday 23rd October an event called Actor’s Hour took place in NYC. The event was organized for the purpose of fostering emerging talent and allowing actors a platform to connect and perform without fear. Sounds great, right? Except that part where a man who literally embodies fear, sexual exploitation, harassment, assault and basically everything wrong with the patriarchy was invited to attend. Yeah, that part sucked.

That’s right. Harvey Weinstein; a man accused of rape, sexual assault and harassment by 87 women was invited to attend an industry event basically catered toward the exact women he preyed upon for years without shame.

Thankfully, some brave women named Amber Rollo, Kelly Bachman and Zoe Stuckless put themselves on the line and called him out at the event. Kelly Bachman, a comedian was the first to address Weinstein’s presence during her set. She said, “There’s an elephant in the room… It’s more of a Freddy Krueger, actually. I didn’t realize I needed to bring my own mace and whistle to Actors Hour.” At this point a number of people in the crowd booed her and told her to “shut up.” Yep…The woman was standing up for hundreds of vulnerable, traumatized women and she was humiliated and silenced onstage.

Zoe Stuckless took a different approach by confronting Weinstein and pleading with the audience, while she stood just a few feet away from him. In the video uploaded to Instagram, Stuckless passionately shouts, “Nobody’s gonna say anything? Nobody’s really gonna say anything? I’ll get out of here, that’s fine. I’m happy to leave but nobody’s gonna say anything?! I’m gonna stand four feet from a fucking rapist and nobody’s gonna say anything?! I’ll go!” The video literally gave us chills.

Amber Rollo, another comedian in attendance described what happened in a series of Tweets: “I was shocked to see him out, but not because I thought he would have shame, he is a sociopath and clearly has no shame. I’m shocked that he was at an event put on by and for artists.” She went on to shame the organizers for their inaction, writing: “Let me explain that one more time, an event that was supposed to support actors and artists invited a serial rapist who has ruined at least 87 actors lives and supported that monster over an actor in the room. They supported HIM over all the actors in the room.”

Following the videos and outrage percolating on social media, The Actors Hour wrote an Instagram post firmly stating that Weinstein was not, in fact, invited. However, the post has since been deleted.

As if this is the point that we’re at. With all the supposed “progress”; the #METOO movement, the legal action and TIMESUP, the event organizers and members of the public were still willing to accept a man like this to sit amongst them. They were still willing to defend this man over brave women who stood up for his victims. They were willing to perpetuate the cycle. Clearly, we still have an incredibly long way to go. Excuse us, we’re just really upset at the state of society RN.


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