5 Ways to Wear a Dress This Winter

Tricks to keep warm while staying stylish


Now that we’re midway through the winter season, you may be getting bored of your usual pants. Perhaps you’re looking at the spring dresses and skirts in stores and longing for the warmer weather, when you can wear those things again. But there’s no need to wait! A little creativity can transform a dress from spring staple to winter ready, adding some variety to your wardrobe in the coldest of months. So here are five outfit ideas for the chilly weather.

Layer with a turtleneck and tights


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The perfect way to keep warm while still letting your dress shine. Try a fitted turtleneck and tights in a matching solid color, and you can pair them with even the boldest of patterns. 

Wear it as a skirt

Throw your favorite sweater or cardigan over a dress to keep warm, or you can even add a loose top for an extra layer. This is the perfect way to break up full-body patterns, and lets you turn the same piece of clothing into a whole new outfit.

Wear it as a top


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If you’re looking to style a mini dress without your legs getting cold, why not try it with some wide leg pants? Loose pants give plenty of room for extra fabric, and it’s also a great way to make shorter dresses appropriate for work or school. 

Add a pair of knee-high boots

A bolder alternative to the simple tights, knee-high boots are statement shoes that also keep your legs warm. A neutral black or brown is great for pairing with lots of different dresses, or try a bright color or metallic finish if you really want to stand out.

Stay warm with the perfect coat

The simplest way to stay comfortable in winter is a good coat, and you can wear it with anything, from jeans to a dress. A long wool or fur coat is perfect for keeping your whole body warm no matter what you’re wearing underneath. 

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