The Top 5 Ways To Look Like Pop Punk Perfection

Pop punk fashion is getting a reboot.


With early 2000s fashion back in full bloom, echoes of Paramore in Olivia Rodrigo’s hit song, and Willow Smith teaming up with Avril Lavigne, it’s really no wonder we’re on the precipice of a pop-punk fashion renaissance. As with any visit from the ghost of trends past, there’s a right and a wrong way to show the world that pop-punk isn’t dead. Here are the top 5 ways to look like a pop-punk princess– 2021 style:

Mad About Plaid

Olivia Rodrigo is the it-girl of the moment, and she’s a pop-punk princess. She’s influenced the plaid-aissance of 2021 with multiple iconic looks. This bodycon plaid dress is Good 4 U-inspired for a great price. 

Shop it here for $18.99.


Smudge That Liner

When we think about the pop-punk fashion icons of yore, there’s one basic makeup staple that stands out. Smudgy black eyeliner is a super-easy way to punk up your look. Grab a black kajal pencil (aka kohl eyeliner) or even some matte black shadow with a liner brush, and apply your eyeliner normally before using a mini beauty blender or an eyeshadow brush to smudge, smudge, smudge. Be sure to finish with some setting spray so all your smudges are on purpose.

Layer Your Jewelry

Pop punk is all about layers and juxtaposing colors and themes. Layered necklaces are the jewelry trend of the moment, and it mixes seamlessly with pop-punk vibes. Collect some staple chains of various lengths and metals so you can mix and match layers. This Betsey Johnson necklace is super cute and would look perfect with some shorter chains in mixed metals.

Shop it here for $58.00.

Mix & Match

Pop punk is all about mixing and matching moods. Feminine, masculine, flirty, rock, playful, dark: they all work as long as you mash ‘em up together. Pair a graphic tee with a feminine floral or embrace the clash by piling on bold prints.

It's All Black & Bright

The classic pop-punk palette? Black and bright colors. Bright colors the funky whimsy necessary for the pop, and black keeps things dark for the punk portion. Keep this color palette in mind when mixing and matching your prints, and you can’t go wrong. Wanna make your look on-trend no matter what you wear? Try making a bright change to your hair.

With pop-punk back on our fave Spotify playlists and in our fashion icon’s wardrobes, it’s a great time to slip some of these elements into our looks. We can embrace the tough but cute fashion moment without making a nostalgic Hot Topic trip or rocking our old Warped Tour t-shirts (when we’re not sleeping, that is.)


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