Viral SPOTMYUV Detection Stickers Reportedly Tell You When It's Time To Reapply Sunscreen

But does this TikTok favorite actually help reduce sunburns?


Once we apply sunscreen, we sometimes assume our skin will be protected from UV rays throughout the day. But those who apply sunscreen in the morning, dive into the ocean during the day and return home with burnt arms know the dangers of neglecting sunscreen reapplication all too well. 
Per usual, TikTok has swooped in with hacks and tips for our sunscreen dilemmas. The latest internet buzz has now fallen to SPOTMYUV Detection Stickers, a product designed to signal when users need to reapply SPF through a color-changing adhesive. Viral products can be a hit or miss however, so the stickers deserve some investigation before use. 

@spotmyuv We sat down with SPOTMYUV’s co-inventor to discuss the science behind DermaTRUE technology! 👩‍🔬 #spotmyuv #uvstickers #sunsafety ♬ original sound - SpotMyUV

According to the SpotMyUV website, after placing a SPOTMYUV Detection Sticker on your skin and covering it with sunscreen, the sticker will turn clear. As your sunscreen wears off, the SPOTMYUV will change to purple, with a gradient purple meaning that your skin is only partially protected and a bright purple indicating that it’s time to reapply. SPOTMYUV explains that the product consists of three layers: DermaTRUE, UV Sensing Ink and a Swim-Proof Adhesive. While DermaTRUE senses the differences between "SPFs, waterproof formulations, activities, UV levels, etc. just like your skin does,” the UV Sensing Ink turns purple in UV light. The Swim-Proof Adhesive works to ensure the sticker can be worn in water and throughout the day. 
Allure writer Jaclyn Smock gathered opinions on the sticker's effectiveness from several board-certified dermatologists. Dr. Loretta Ciraldo, a dermatologist based in Miami, warned that users should be strategic with where they place the sticker. In her interview with Allure, she noted, “if your arm is somewhat shaded and your lower legs aren't, you may get a false sense of confidence that all of your body is being protected.” 

Dr. Roberta Del Campo, a dermatologist also based in Miami, told Allure that on “cloudy days when there isn't a lot of UV light,” the stickers could “stay purple and let people think they're protected, when in reality, sunburn is still possible since UV lights penetrate clouds.” Dr. Jessie Cheung also suggested that individuals with sensitive skin test out the product indoors first to ensure they do not have an allergy to the sticker’s glue. 



Overall, the SPOTMYUV stickers serve as a reminder to reapply sunscreen for those who forget to follow up with a second layer of SPF after the initial covering. However, Allure notes that users should not assume they are protected just because a small spot on their body has been covered. Johns Hopkins Medicine advises people to reapply sunscreen every two hours.

If you would like to try out the SPOTMYUV Detection Sticker to get an extra nudge to reapply sunscreen, you can find a 12 Spot Pack here for $11.99 USD.
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