A UTI Vaccine Is On Its Way To A Urinary Tract Near You

Bye-bye, UTIs— we’re never peeing after sex again.


What a big year for vaccines we’re having! As of now, UTIs are the second most common bacterial infection in the world (after Strep,) and for those of us who are prone to them, it sometimes feels like they just won’t stop. We’re told to always pee after sex (easier said than done,) only wear certain underwear, and keep extra, squeaky clean. But, for many of us, this doesn’t cut it, and we’re left with intense pain and pressure. And, even when the infection is fought off, bacteria often lurks in the bladder’s lining. This means that the more UTIs you have, the more likely you are to get more. (So not fair.)

But, thanks to the miracle of science, we’re a few years from kicking them to the curb completely. According to Soman Abraham, the Duke University professor who spearheaded the research for this vaccine, he and his team have tested the vaccine on mice, and it looks like all systems are go. (Poor mice with UTIs... Can you imagine them sipping on their little cranberry juice and peeing every three minutes? So glad they’re feeling better.)

Abraham told ABC, "we were not only able to protect these mice from infection, but we also were able to eradicate whatever bacteria was typically hiding in the bladder lining." So, the vaccine wards against infections and eliminates that pesky bacteria that sticks around for those of us stuck in the seemingly endless UTI cycle.

The vaccine’s components are already FDA approved, and they’ll be ready to start human trials soon. We can hardly wait until the days of chasing AZO with cranberry juice and praying we don’t need an antibiotic are just a distant memory from our youth. Abraham and his team are optimistic that we’ll be able to access the vaccine in the next few years. Our urethras are relieved.

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