The Job That Gives Its Workers Daily Masturbation Breaks

We’re Not Kidding; Erika Lust Encourages Her Employees To Take 30 Minutes Off To Get Off


We don’t mean to be invasive, but — do you ever take wank breaks at work? Have you thought about it? No judgment, really. In fact, more power to you, but we’d bet most people save that kind of thing for the privacy of their home. Unless you work for Erika Lust, in which case you’d be used to your daily scheduled 30-minute masturbation break. Maybe you even look forward to it. 

You read that right. Erika Lust has implemented breaks entirely devoted to getting her employee's juices (creative and otherwise) flowing on the daily. It turns out that May is International Masturbation Month, and the indie adult filmmaker has a yearly resolution to do something that helps de-stigmatize acts of self-pleasure. This year, she settled on wank breaks.

While masturbation in the workplace is not an entirely foreign concept — a shocking 39% of people masturbate at work — it is certainly new to openly discuss and encourage the act. And to be completely clear, what’s being encouraged here isn’t anything akin to sexual harassment by pulling out your dick in front of your unsuspecting coworkers, or making everyone uncomfortable by taking your vibrator out of your purse in the middle of the workday. Not at all. In fact, the office has set up a private “masturbation station,” which employees have to schedule in advance, as you do with any conference room.

The idea is to release tension in such a way that makes employees not only generally happier, but also more productive by default. “Masturbation has been shown to not only make you happier, more relaxed, and more focused, but it’s also good for creativity and increases your drive to get things done,” said Lust in a blog post on her page.

Erika Lust isn’t the only one advocating for the benefits of workplace masturbation. Psychologists are on her side. “Certainly taking a masturbation break for boredom or an escape would increase work focus,” said psychologist and life coach Dr Cliff Arnall. He also elucidated that a masturbation policy would be likely to result in “more focus, less aggression, higher productivity, and more smiling.”


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Isn’t that intriguing? Next time you feel like you’re in a slump with your productivity, give yourself some me-time and see what happens. Likely not at work, though, unless your workplace is as forward-thinking as Lust’s or you work from home. 

As part of her workplace masturbation initiative, Lust will be partnering with Allbodies and hosting a live Masturbation Workshop on May 25th. Tune in for a “self-pleasure master class,” and learn all about your body and what makes it tick. If you're interested, sign up here.

Happy Masturbation Month!


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