A Toy Equals Joy

What’s your pleasure?


The infamous pandemic started over a year ago and everything has become much more challenging since then. I  say everything but you know what specifics I’m referring to. Yes, a sexual aspect of our lives suffered quite painfully. Single people cannot enjoy dates, hookups and their sexual liberty anymore, whereas lockdowns have been slowly killing the romance for couples. 

No matter what’s your dating situation, gender identity or sexual orientation, there’s one juicy remedy for that – a dildo

Before you’ll say that it’s not your thing, stop lying because dildos are actually for everyone. It’s ok not to know where to start or what you actually like, though. Reliable brands, such as easytoys, have dildos designed specifically for beginners on their offer. They can slowly introduce you to the world of sexual joy. A joy that is empowering and totally owned by you. Just (dil)do it.

Because choosing the right dildo is like going to an amusement park. It’s fun but different people enjoy different attractions. Some love roller coasters, while the others choose Ferris wheel. There are no rights or wrongs, but preferences only instead. Similarly, dildos are available in all shapes, colors, materials and, most importantly, functions. A pink squirting dildo? A metal one for anal sex? A double vibrating strap-on? Even an Eiffel tower-shaped one? You name it.

It’s true, a toy equals joy but primarily, it equals power. Using a dildo allows you to understand your body, its needs, expectations. It makes you comprehend and feel (literally!) what a pleasure is. It also helps to explore the preferences of your sexual partner(s) better – with their consent, of course. It’s a win-win for everyone. 

So come on, it’s 2021. We survived the pandemic, multiple lockdowns and Donald Trump. Time for a dildo. You’ll thank me later.