5 Sex Care Tips For Our Vagina

Take care of your best friend after all that excessive cardio.


F*** isn’t sex amazing? With yourself, other people or one person or your rabbit. That after orgasm glow, that spring in your step that says: “I got laid!”. But does your Vagina praise sex as much as you do? Just like the rest of your body needs to be taken care of, so does your Vagina. She needs extra love. She needs you to pamper her and treat her like her sultry lady self.

We scoured high and low to bring your bestie from down under a little joy after the vertical (horizontal, upside down, whatever gets you off) dance.

1. Ya Gotta Pee!

Even if you don’t want to or need to pee girl! Why? Well according to science, you need to let the flow go, so that you don’t get UTI’s. When you have sex bacteria goes back and forth and some can end up in your urethra, which is normal! So you need to pee that bacteria out. Peeing flushes out a lot of those luscious sex juices that get up all in your va jay jay. So if you don't like your lube, semen and your own lovely juices then pee and wipe the rest.

2. Don't use the scented soaps when you shower or bath.

They might smell good, they might make you want to taste them, but don't. But I want my lovely lady bits to smell like Strawberry Shortcakes. But it can also cause your pH balance down below go all whack causing yeast infections and other bacterial vaginosis. So if you like to body shower after, go unscented.

3. If you had a little anal fun, wipe after.

So semen is harmless, most of the time, and your lady river of sweetness is also not going to hurt anyone. But with poop its a no no. Getting the doo doo into your urethra can cause UTI's and that's not something you want to dabble in.

4. GO Commando!

Let it air out. Yeah you read right, air that lady out, let her get wild. Or if you aren't into the feeling of air on your lips then for the love of the pussy don't wear nylon underwear, go cotton. 

5. Dry it off

Pussy's don't like staying wet and for good reason! They don't like yeast infections! Yeast infections love the warm wet jungle between your legs. They thrive on it, they breed it. Ok you get it. Your vagina is a warm place of love where everything wants a piece of that. Keep it dry and avoid that pesky itchy yeast. 

But all in all, have more sex. Did you know our generation has less sex than the generations past. So get frisky, get naked or dress up and get sexing. 

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