Zero-Waste Body Wash? We’re Intrigued...

Getting cleaner is getting a whole lot greener.


With a climate crisis on our hands, we know it’s vital to do our part in reducing our personal damage to the planet. This task can be a bit daunting-- especially when you realize how much waste is produced in almost every facet of our lives. Just take a look in your shower. Unless you’re someone who’s put a lot of thought and effort into reducing the amount of plastic you use just to get clean, chances are, there’s a lot of packaging in there that’s going to end up in a landfill.

The good news is that there’s a beauty-waste-reducing revolution brewing. According to Zero Waste Week, an annual environmental campaign, the global cosmetics industry produces more than 120 billion units of packaging annually. That’s a lot of waste. And, as more beauty companies are finding new ways to reduce their wasteful packaging and practices, more consumers are paying attention to this when shopping. In fact, research from Euromonitor shows that 25-34 year olds are growing more and more likely to check how eco-friendly their beauty products are and avoiding products that aren’t.


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Earlier this month, a new personal care innovator appeared on the eco-friendly beauty scene. Plus, which comes from the makers of Starface, is a brand new personal care brand, and they’ve developed an entirely bottle-free body wash. How is that possible?! Well, the body wash comes in 16 single-use sheets that are filled with a mixture of shea butter and aloe, which turns into a moisturizing shower gel when water hits it. The sheets come in packages made of wood pulp, and they’ll dissolve in water and go right down the drain. So, once your shower is finished, so is the waste you’re leaving behind. A clean body and a clean planet? Plus sounds like the future of showering, and we’re looking forward to it.


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